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The Negima! Online Catalog

Last month I first created a blog post about a project I had undertaken on Anime Vice. I'm a big fan of the Del Rey publication of the manga series Negima!. I was interested in writing reviews on the volumes, but noticed that the majority of the profiles were largely unfilled and many characters had no profiles what so ever. Well, that has now all changed. I've gone through the volumes of the series created by Ken Akamatsu.
Each volume now has full information on the content in the form of non-spoiler summaries of the volumes and each chapter. Since the bug that was effecting adding profile and other such associations was finally fixed. I was able to add all the profiles for each character, concept, and objects found in the volumes. Luckily, there was already many profiles pre-made by other users. Still a lot of profiles were missing. I've taken care of those as well. There may be one or two that still need to be made, but the majority of plot related characters are there.

To Be Continued...

This series is still in regular publication. So, it's a little awkward to describe this project as "completed". Seeing how the next volume is due out in late May. It just makes it a lot easier to fill out one more volume every few months. In place of twenty plus volumes.
 Fan Service Twister
 Fan Service Twister
If there was something that you have wanted to know about the Negima! manga. Anime Vice now has plenty of information for the uninitiated. Hope it comes in handy and possibly gets someone interested enough to check the series out. It's a very well published manga.
I think the only little touch I still would like to add are better quality images of the covers and also add back cover pictures. I think it stands pretty well now as probably one of the most detailed manga series on the whole site. Not that I've read the information on every single manga volume on the site. I'm going by what I've seen on other manga profiles that have next to no information. It's as if people were just creating profiles for volumes or episodes and never touching it again.
This project is similar to what I did on the One Piece anime. (I wont touch the manga since they are a VIZ property.) I filled those episode profiles out from Episode 1-321. I took a break from that series. It got a tad tiring filling out all that information on a single series. I felt the need to work on something else. I do plan to go back to it eventually.

 -Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
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