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Make Yourself WANTED

Are You A Pirate?

Have you sailed the seas pillaging all in your path, have you been raiding cruise ships, have you struck one of the Celestial Dragons, were you once a crew member of the Pirate King, Gold Roger; or are you just out looking for adventures with your best friends? Are you a pirate? Is your name known by the corrupted World Government? Why not?

If your name has slipped through the cracks while the Marine Forces have been busy dealing with the aftermath of the war with the Whitebeard Pirates. Now is your chance to correct such an oversight. Your fellow pirates aren't going to take you seriously without a wanted poster and a bounty on your head.

Late last year, Marvel released a promotional image for the Punisher comics where people could paste their head on a monsterific image of the new Punisher, Franken-castle. Inspired by that, and some free time I had. I thought I would make something for the Anime Vice community to enjoy. What we have here is a remake of the wanted posters used in the series One Piece.

To start things off. I made seven wanted posters for some of the staff at Whiskey Media. I wanted to add a few more for Bobbington and AHR, but I couldn't find a picture I liked or knew I could use. Sorry, to those of you left out. Send me a picture, and I'll gladly make one for you.

Now It's Your Turn

Get in on this fun and join the Anime Vice Crew. Select a picture and make yourself a bounty worthy of your deeds. Just a tip. Anything over 100 Million Berries is pretty big. You'd have to do something rather amazing to get that far. Not many pirates or bounty hunters are going to take a risk getting on your bad side. It will also make you one of the World Government's most wanted. If you are captured. It will mean imprisonment in great prison of Impel Down's Level 6, the Eternal Hell. Where there is no escape or release.

This guy may come after you.
This guy may come after you.

Are you brave enough to take that risk for the glory of knowing your name will spread through the world?

A Suggestion

If you would like to keep the text pretty consistent with the One Piece wanted posters. I would suggest for the name use text style Georgia (bold), and for the bounty I used text style Comic Scan MS (bold).

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-

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