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Now you can play with your toys to kill your friends for fun.


Playing with or against friends online is one of the major appeals in online gaming to me. I personally play tons of UNCHARTED 3's multiplayer, both Competitive and Co-op. It's a great little time killer. I've never really been into the MMO world on my PC, but I found something while browsing some Japanese sites that really got my attention. A rather popular MMO Third-Person Shooter game called Toy Wars in Japan (MicroVolts in Europe & U.S. / H.A.V.E. in Korea) added four members of the cast of Rei Hiroe's BLACK LAGOON to their list of player models back in early March of this year.

From the trailer, Toy Wars adds living figures of Revy, Roberta, Balalaika, and Shenhua to the roster. The attention to detail is impressive. Roberta uses her classic modified SPAS-12 shotgun that doubles as a shield, but Revy is using a grenade launcher in place of her Sword Cutlass. I only wish they also had an El Baile de La Muerte version of Roberta. You may actually be surprised how many MMOs are made that have anime characters as guest stars. The free to play Korean-made golf MMO Pangya offered costume sets for certain characters that made them look like Lelouch Lamperouge (Zero/Emperor), C.C., Kallen Kozuki, Suzaku Kururugi, and Anya Alstreim, Holo, and Craft Lawrence. Toy Wars even had figures from SUZUMIYA HARUHI and STRIKE WITCHES as an option at one time.

You can see the trailer of these ladies in action below.

If you're at all curious about this game. Check out the gameplay trailer I've posted below. What catches my attention is the impressive level of detail in character customization. I've tried to see if the European MicroVolts version of the game had these BLACK LAGOON models as an option, but I think you can only get these figures by downloading the Japanese version. A search of the forums on the MicroVolts' website led me to a posting that gives detailed tips on how to download this version. The game is pretty popular among the MMO enthusiasts. It's won accolades for MMOSite’s Reader’s Choice Awards in 2010 and MMOGames' Editor's Choice in April 2011.


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