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After finishing her arc, Tsunade again asked me 'nicely' to work on this one for her.
After finishing her arc, Tsunade again asked me 'nicely' to work on this one for her.
It was back in April that I wrote my blog announcing that I finished filling out the profiles for all the Naruto episodes in the Search for Tsunade arc. That was about twenty episodes of extremely detailed for in filling out the episode profiles. Now, I'm writing to announce another project completed. I thought it was kind of shameful for our Anime Vice wiki to not have the very first story arc of the Naruto Shippuden series filled out in any real detail, most had no information on them at all, some had characters listed that weren't even in the episode. I decided to go through and edit all those pages.

This project was a bit different than the last one. In the Search for Tsunade arc, I wrote detailed summaries of each episode. For this arc, the Kazekage Rescue arc. I mostly just formatted the page and added in a list of jutsus used in each episode and my "Points of Interest" section. This is where I point out interesting little facts about what happens in the episode. If a kanji appeared on the screen, I would do my best to translate it.

Check out my work:
Episode 01 - HERE
Episode 02 - HERE 
Episode 03 - HERE 
Episode 04 - HERE 
Episode 05 - HERE 
Episode 06 - HERE 
Episode 07 - HERE 
Episode 08 - HERE 
Episode 09 - HERE 
Episode 10 - HERE
Episode 11 - HERE 
Episode 12 - HERE 
Episode 13 - HERE 
Episode 14 - HERE  
Episode 15 - HERE 
Episode 16 - HERE 
Episode 17 - HERE
Episode 18 - HERE 
Episode 19 - HERE 
Episode 20 - HERE
Episode 21 - HERE 
Episode 22 - HERE 
Episode 23 - HERE 
Episode 24 - HERE 
Episode 25 - HERE 
Episode 26 - HERE 
Episode 27 - HERE 
Episode 28 - HERE 
Episode 29 - HERE 
Episode 30 - HERE 
Episode 31 - HERE 
Episode 32 - HERE

This is a thirty-two episode arc and it was pretty entertaining. This is just as the time skip started and Sakura actually started to pull her weight in a fight. Too bad after this arc she pretty much went right back to a support role character. What is it where she gets one look at Sasuke and becomes pretty much useless? Why did Kishimoto give her such a dramatic power increase but use it so little?

In filling these profiles out and formatting them to my own personal style. I also made sure to list the proper voice credits for the characters was filled out. That often gets neglected when I see people filling out episodes. If you look at these profiles and notice a character's voice actor isn't credited. That's because they never spoke in that episode. Each profile also has at least one picture. This is to help in navigation since the navigating tools wont appear unless there is a picture. I hope that gets changed one day, though it would be great to have one picture on all the episode profiles.

On a side note, I noticed I hit quite the highlight this month. It wasn't long ago that I hit 400,000 wiki points. After completing this project, among other profiles I filled out. I have reached 500,000 Wiki Points!! When I saw that, I almost felt as if fireworks should of gone off. I joined Anime Vice back in Aug. 2009, and I didn't start editing the wiki until months afterward. Even Giant Bomb's top editor has 513,000. I'm probably now somewhere in the top 10 wiki editors for the Whiskey Media site. I don't know about Tested or Screened. I'm not a member of those two.

 -Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ animevice / @ FoxxFireArt
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