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Buying Green from FUNimation could get you some Gold

 Spice and Wolf Season 1 - Viridian Collection
 Spice and Wolf Season 1 - Viridian Collection
Now, if buying a DVD box set of a series with a playful fox spirit that occasionally gets naked and loves apples wasn't tempting enough for you. One particular company now wants to bribe you with a gold coin. Well, I doubt it's really gold, but it is a coin. Seems FUNimation is trying to entice fans of the 2008 Spice and Wolf  anime, and those who might not of already bought the standard DVD box set. With every pre-order of the special Viridian edition box set of season one. They're sending a collector's coin with the lead character Holo printed on one side. There are two catches.

One, the coin only seems to come with purchases made through I checked, but here was no mention of this offer. Two, it's a "while supplies last" kind of deal and series is set for release on December 7th of this year.

A bit of good news is that this offer is retroactive. If you already pre-ordered this set. FUNimation is saying that you will also be getting a coin. Though, it isn't clear if that applies to pre-orders made from retailers other than Rightstuf. It just says, "All customers who have already pre-ordered this collection will automatically receive the coin.".  

  Source: FUNimation News

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