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If you are a fan of the anime series Chrome Shelled Regios or Rosario Vampire, FUNimation has announced somethign you all might be excited about. FUNimation has finally announced some of the English dub cast for these two series now that they are finally ready to start releasing these officially to the U.S. market. The announcement was made at their Anime USA Convention event and they boasted about it recently on their blog. Along with these announcements also came the release dates for the DVD box sets. No real mentions about Blu-ray releases.

Chrome Shelled Regios Cast

CharacterEnglish VA
Layfon Alseif  Todd Haberkorn
Nina Antalk  Brina Palencia
Felli Loss  Monica Rial
Sharnid Elipton Eric Vale
ADR Director: Chris Cason

DVD Box Set 

Chrome Shelled Regios – Part One – LE

Available February 2011 featuring:
  • Art Box – Holds Part One and Part Two (sold separately)
  • Collectible Miniature Flag 
  • Contains episodes 1-12 on 2 discs.

Rosario + Vampire / Rosario + Vampire CAPU 2 Cast

CharacterEnglish VA
Moka Akashiya
Alexis Tipton
Tsukune Aono  Todd Haberkorn
Kurumu Kuruno  Brina Palencia
Yukari Sendou  Monica Rial
Mizore Shirayuki  Tia Ballard
The Bat Jerry Jewell
ADR Director: Jason Grundy
DVD Box Set
Rosario Vampire
Available on DVD Spring 2011 featuring: 
  • Art box
  • Art booklet (subject to change)
  • Contains episodes 1-13
Rosario Vampire - CAPU2
Available on DVD Spring 2011 featuring: 
  • Contains episodes 14-26
The only thing I'm a bit unclear about the DVD releases of Rosario Vampire. Is it if these are going to be two separate box sets or an all in one package.

While you are waiting till spring for the dub work. If you are interested in checking out the full two seasons of Rosario Vampire, FUNimation has the full series available online subtitled through their video website. 
Watch Rosario Vampire / Capu2  on FUNimation site: HERE

Source: FUNimation Blogs

 -Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
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