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See if you can find what VIZ is trying to hide in this summer's releases of BLEACH.

While I was updating many of the manga covers in the BLEACH series to the U.S. editions. I noticed a little touch in all the VIZ Media releases. There are two particular volumes where these two manga have an oh-so convenient placement of the title card that wasn't there in the original Japanese versions. Take a look at the images before and see if you can find the change.

BLEACH Vol. 42 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 42 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 46 JPN to US Comparison
BLEACH Vol. 46 JPN to US Comparison

As you can see, VIZ moved the BLEACH title to slightly cover the rather prominent breast for both Tier Halibel and Rangiku Matsumoto on BLEACH Vol. 42 and Vol. 46. It's just sort of a silly edit. As if we aren't going to suddenly notice they are there. I guess there is more of a case of Matsumoto's version. If they put it at the top, it would have covered her face. It's not really a big deal as long as the art inside isn't changed. I just thought it was kind of funny.

While we're on the topic, I'd love to ask why they don't keep the volume names on the covers. They do the same thing to NARUTO and ONE PIECE.

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