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This nearly ends my daily posting of my Code Geass R2 4komas. Though, very soon I will have some brand new ones that no one has seen before....with the obvious exception of myself since I'm making it.
Just out of precaution. I'll put this in NSFW mode:This one starts off with one of my favorite drawings I have ever done of Lelouch. I do have to say that digitally painting all those books are a monster of a headache.
Just in case you don't understand. That is Lelouch's mom. That's why he's so disturbed. This joke basically perpetuates the running gag I've had in these 4komas that Lelouch's family is filled with seriously messed up people, with himself as the only sane one. Really, there are just some things that we should never know about our parents. Not only did Lelouch see 'that' but Marianne shows up at the end to tell him the truth about what happened to her and Nunnally. A bit of news that, in the anime, Lelouch didn't take well.
Now, a fun fact about this one. I actually drew that third panel completely uncensored. I added the censorship up later so I could present this to a wider audience. In a way, I think having the censor bars up makes it much more funny. Marianne's nickname was known as "The Flash" in her day. the deviantArt website ended up putting a mature content warning on this one anyways. Meaning someone must of complained.

Code Geass R2 - Episode 22
Code Geass R2 - Episode 22
Here we have a nice and tender moment. This was almost my last of the Code Geass R2 4komas. It was at this point I stopped making them weekly. I wanted to know how things ended before I spent any more time making these. I really like how Lelouch looks in that third panel.

I had noticed that through out the entire R2 season. It seemed like Kallen's story was about becoming closer and learning more about Lelouch. She started out angry and refused to call him by any other name then Zero, but time passed and she started to use his real name much more often. It came to the point where she only called him Zero in front of others who didn't know his identity. I started to notice that every scene the two had alone it seemed like they were becoming closer to each other, but always something or some one would interrupt that moment. Finally, in episode 22 they had a scene together without interruption.
At this time in the story Lelouch was now Emperor. He was pretending that he didn't know how anyone was. He even ignored Rivalz. It was Kallen who met with him at Ashford. He even acted like this was their first meeting. Yet, oddly enough Lelouch asked to take the long way around, claiming to be a bit nervous. As the approached Student Coucil building, Lelouch broke character when it was just the two of them. He mentioned how nostalgic it felt to be back there. Kallen opened up about what she's been feeling and tried to get Lelouch to answer her question. That question was what did she mean to him. He didn't respond, but when she walks away he whispers a very soft, "Farewell,... Kallen.".
Pretty much a day or two after this episode aired, there was an interview published in Newtype magazine with Kallen's voice actress, Ami Koshimizu; and she was asked about the kiss scene. Ami talked about how the director told her that the kiss itself was more a desperate attempt to get Lelouch to say something, but after she kissed him it suddenly dawned on her that she's been in love with him this whole time. She had just been confusing these feelings as loyalty. At that point she didn't feel she could go with him.

Something I noticed about the scene. Sure Lelouch didn't say anything to Kallen when they were alone, but he also didn't lie to her either. The fact that he pretty much asked to be with her alone and whispered that goodbye. When we consider the ultimate outcome of Lelouch's plot. I believe he wanted to see her one last time before he went to his death.
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