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Today's 4komas are based on Episodes 14 and 15. Now that I have these posted. I'm off to go do some baking for my mother's birthday dinner tomorrow. I'm making her favorite dessert, an Apple Tart.

Code Geass R2 - Episode 14
Code Geass R2 - Episode 14
Well, after Kallen was captured I actually thought that the whole time Nunnally and Suzaku were going to try and tempt Kallen to join their side. Much to my surprise, all that really happened was that Nunnally and Kallen talked together about their brothers. Kallen spent her whole time in captivity mostly just learning more about the kinder side of Lelouch that Nunnally knew.
It was Nunnally who got Kallen out her her small cell to a much more elaborate prison cell and a very fancy dress. It always seemed one size too small, because her breasts looked like they would pop out if she so much as breathed too hard. 
I really like Kallen's expression in the third panel. It was something I noticed about this cell. It only had this fancy chair in the room. I thought it would be funny to show that Nunnally also had an evil side to her.
Code Geass R2 - Episode 15
Code Geass R2 - Episode 15
In this comic based on Episode 15, Lelouch was placed in the World of C by C.C. It was so she could have Charles grant her wish to die. While in the World of C, Lelouch learned of C.C.'s past. That at one time she had a Geass power as well and how it led to her current state. His guide was this dark shadow of C.C. I really like how C.C. looks in those first two panels.
I had a lot of comments from people who loved the idea of C.C. and Marianne(Lelouch's Mother) naked pillow fighting. I always asked them if they would feel the same way if it was their mom. This was sort of a joke that we just shouldn't know things about our parents past. It's better left a mystery.
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