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Hope you are ready for another Code Geass R2 4koma. In this one, none of the major characters appear. This is based on the ninth episode of the R2 season. I watched this whole episode where Odysseus was being set up to marry Empress Tainzi of the Chinese Federation. I just sat there the whole episode wondering why the hell no one even comments on how young the empress is. She looked like this little child. I thought she was ten, but I found out much later after I made the comic that she is thirteen. It was still creepy, because I believe Odysseus is in his forties. The only scene where anyone asked any questions was Suzaku asked if Tainzi was alright with arrangement.
When this episode aired all the rage in the news was the "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline. If you haven't heard about this series this is the rundown. Dateline would set up stings of perverts online who try and set up sexual dates with under aged girls. They show up and rather then meeting a young girl they are interviewed by Chris Hansen. When they finally leave they are arrested by the police. These people came from all professions. There were teachers, soldiers, and even a rabbi. There was even a Catholic school teacher that was caught from near my area.

People tell me that they really liked that image of Tainzi running away in the second panel. The dialog basically runs just like these interviews on "To Catch a Predator". I was very close drawing Chris Hansen for this comic, but I felt how this series has a reporter in DietHard Reid that I had to use him.
Someone did make a suggestion that I did wish I would of used. It would be having Xingke hiding outside in the beginning the way the cops are often waiting outside in the real TV series.
Keep your eyes on my blog. I plan to post a 4koma a day until I catch up to my devArt gallery in anticipation for the new 4komas I'm working on. Basically, the new ones are nearly done, but I'm waiting to post them on my devArt gallery until I catch things up here.
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