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I'm ready to post another in my Code Geass R2 4 koma series. These two are both based upon episode seven. Lelouch was all depressed that Nunnally was now the Governor of Area 11. He felt that what he was doing was standing in the way of her dream.
About the jokes. These are two of my jokes that I often had to explain. That always bothered me. The usual lesson in comedy is that if you have to explain your joke. It's no longer funny.
The title of the first image was called Party of Four. It is a play on words with the joke. The setting is that Kaguya has gathered a meeting of who she believes is Zero's mistresses. Kaguya already believed herself to be Zero's wife. That's why she's wearing the arm band. The crutch of the joke is that C.C. is teasing Kallen yet again, but this time through the proxy of going along with her Three Court Ladies. It's why Kallen is so frustrated. Though it comes to a point where the oddly pure Kallen is confused as to what they are even talking about. A fun fact here. The scheduling that Kaguya comes up with is something I saw on the E! Network show called The Soup. I saw a clip of it when they were showing a scene from that dreadful program, The Girls Next Door. One of them was talking about how the three girls 'share' Hugh Hefner. This isn't exactly what was said. I just remember it being something along these lines. 
Sooo many times I had to explain what Menage a Quatre means. It makes perfect sense to me. If trois means three and quatre means four. I just thought that the concept of Menage a Trois was far more acclimated into society. I didn't want to be so crass as to say a "4-way". I wanted to be a bit more subtle.
About the second image. This was fun to do. Though I really think I'm far better at drawing Lelouch now then I was when I made this image. I do like how Kallen looks in that last panel. I also had to explain this joke to quite a few people. I was really surprised how many people didn't know what insulin is and what it's used for. Sometimes I really worry about society.

Code Geass R2 - Episode 7
Code Geass R2 - Episode 7

Code Geass R2 - Episode 7
Code Geass R2 - Episode 7
Hope you enjoy the artwork.
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