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Back when I was watching the second season of the anime Code Geass, with the moniker of R2, I found myself inspired to start making some sort comic series referred to in Japan as 4komas. Originally, I was just following inspiration of the series, but with each passing week I found myself with more and more ideas. I decided to start creating a series. I saw it not only as fun, but as a writing exercise. I would watch an episode of Code Geass R2 and I would try to find something in that episode to make a 4koma based upon. The goal was to write, design, draw, and color a 4koma before the next episode was to air. (Though after the twenty-second episode I put aside making them weekly.) I wanted these characters to stay as close in character as possible. As in the tradition of the Audio Dramas.
These have actually become quite popular on anime sites like 4chan. I've been told these have been translated to Vietnamese, Japanese, and currently someone asked for my permission to translated my comics into Spanish. Though, I have yet to personally see these translated versions. I love the idea that fans in Japan could be enjoying my artwork.

Most 4komas are made in a very simple manner. I wanted to make more detailed designs and background than you find in most 4komas, but to still be able to recognize the settings. These can be funny on their own, but if you haven't seen the episodes it makes it hard at times. 
These are the first two in the series.
CodeGeass R2 - Episode 1
CodeGeass R2 - Episode 1

Code Geass R2 - Episode 2
Code Geass R2 - Episode 2
For any reading this I hope you enjoy.
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