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VIZ Media's publication of the Tite Kubo's BLEACH series may be trailing behind when compared to ONE PIECE and NARUTO, but VIZ has been releasing two volumes a month all this year to catch up. Seems like fitting time seeing how the series is entering the finale in Japan. With the change comes a brand new cover design. They are replacing their original red lower border with a black design as the story enters the time skip.

BLEACH Vol. 48 US (Oct 2012)
BLEACH Vol. 48 US (Oct 2012)

The BLEACH story will be reaching the close of the Fake Karakura Town story arc as Aizen faces Ichigo one final time. In that same month, readers wont have to wait to see the beginning of the series first time skip, the beginning of the Lost Shinigami Substitute Arc, and the introduction of the Xcution.

BLEACH Release Dates:

  • BLEACH Vol. 48 & 49 - Oct. 2, 2012
  • BLEACH Vol. 50 & 51 - Nov. 6, 2012
  • BLEACH Vol. 52 & 53 - Dec. 4, 2012

All of these volumes are currently available for pre-order on

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