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New Batman Comic

I already posted this blog entry on Comic Vine, and someone there was kind enough to give it front page attention. Since I draw in a manga style. I thought to share it here as well.
Well, the Batman 4koma that I have been speaking of is finally completed and I'm posting it here on my blog before posting it on my devArt page.
 I had actually written this 4koma months ago. I needed to time to work on it. It was nice incentive that The Return of Bruce Wayne comics were just starting to be released. When I heard Bruce would be traveling through time. I tried to think of the most iconic forms of time travel that could make a funny joke. I thought of "Back to the Future", "Quantum Leap", and " Terminator". While Quantum Leap has the most comedic potential. The manner of time travel was different. Knowing this. The theme of this 4koma should be pretty obvious.
I was actually posting images on my Twitter account (@ FoxxFireArt) showing my progression in the creation of this 4koma. From the time that my pencil hit the page. Every few hours I would post a sample to my Twitter account. I'm not sure how that went over. I'm not sure I will try that again. I just don't know if anyone even cared. Below are the images that I posted. 

 I actually drew two versions of the third panel, because I felt that my original might be a bit too graphic. I still finished it, and I'm posting the tamer version for all to see. The more graphic original can be seen below. 

The ladies really don't like the idea of Dick suggesting something that could ruin their fun. lol

A big thank you goes out to Babs of Comic Vine. She was kind enough to give me a list of the women who know Bruce is Batman. It's because of her that I added Cassandra Cain to this. I normally like these jokes to have a certain level of continuity to them. No matter how silly they may be. Still, as a thank you. I added Cassandra in, and gave her a bit more of a close up. Hope she likes that. Though, I was soo close to almost putting Cassandra in a "Brazil" shirt. lol I couldn't really add all the women Babs had listed for me. 
Oddly enough. Out of all the women. I think I like how Barbara Gordon came out looking the most. She just looks really cute here. Each of the ladies has her own little story about what they are thinking. I do wonder how many will catch Stephanie Brown's(current Batgirl) double entendre there at the end. lol

HOTT Version

The original version I was working on I started to have some second thoughts about. Not that I wouldn't finish it. This was my original idea. The whole plan was to push the envelope, but in retrospect I felt I might of gone a weeeee bit too far. I'll let you be the judge. Just to be on the same side. I'm posting the original idea in a SPOILER tag.

I would like to make more of these comics poking fun at comic events. I just normally don't have the time. Payed art work has to come first. Sucks thought, because I have quite a few ideas. Including one about Jean Grey back from the dead and hits the online dating circuit.

I hope you enjoyed the comics and they gave you a good laugh, I look forward to reading any comments. Now, if you will excuse me. It's 6AM and I haven't been to sleep yet.
-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.-
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