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Something I Was Paid to Draw

This was a little something that I was hired to draw a while back. I'm only just now sharing it with the Whiskey Media communities. I got a PM on my devArt account asking me to draw both Iron Man in his latest Bleeding Edge Armor and the Code Geass protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge in his final Knightmare Frame(KMF) the Shinkirou. It's a combination of two of his favorite characters. I think this is probably one of the first crossover images that I've ever been asked to draw.

The hardest part to plan out was how to draw this and have Lelouch be seen, since the KMFs have enclosed cockpits. I figured that since they were fighting, I'd make it look as if the cockpit was damaged and the top flew off at some point.  Not wanting to make this seem to be a one-sided fight, I also gave Iron Man some battle damage. I made the setting in the skies above the Area 11 settlement. I thought it would be more visually interesting than putting it in some blank sky or above the ocean. It also gives a sense of scale.

This was originally drawn in pencil on paper. I scanned that and digitally inked it with my new graphic tablet. The color work was also done on the tablet. The background was all painted freehand on the computer. I wont go into how much I was paid for this, because that seems in poor taste. The hardest part about this was drawing the Bleeding Edge armor. Even with Comic Vine's extensive image library, getting images of the back wasn't easy and so many images were colored so dark that I couldn't make out any real detail. I just took a general idea and made up the rest. The Shinkirou came out looking pretty sharp in this picture.

People seem to enjoy the image. Though, most of the comments I've been getting as been a debate about who would win this fight. It would be cool to get more commissions such as this. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

The size is limited on this site, but you can see the full sized version on my deviantArt account: HERE

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