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I thought I would take the time to share with you two more of the Quizzes that are from the Detective Conan movies. These ones are fairly hard. I didn't have the best understanding of the solutions until I was studying Japanese.

Quiz 1

Detective Conan Captured in Her Eyes (Movie 4)

This quiz was a bit different then in the other movies. In these movie the Detective Boys gang had thought up a quiz themselves that they were sure was going to stump Conan. This is the challenge they gave Conan, and Ayumi was the one that read it off.
" When Haibara was asked what kind of person you [Conan] are... She looked to the Moon and said, ' He's not Summer. '. "
Did Haibara....
  1. Compliment Conan
  2. Criticize Conan



Quiz 2

Detective Conan The Private Eye's Requiem (Movie 10)

This quiz was actually give to the kids in the movie by Ran. They were waiting in a long line at an amusement park for a popular roller coaster called "Super Snake". To keep entertain them, she posed this quiz.

" Everyone wants the ride the SUPER SNAKE at least once amongst all of you. Who is the most suited for this attraction? "
  1. Ai Haibara
  2. Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko
  3. Genta Kojima
  4. Ayumi Yoshida
 (see the image for pictures of each)


Told you these were some difficult ones. I think the first one on this makes a lot more sense when they show it onscreen. The graphics help.
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