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There's a Whole Lot to Learn Now on Anime Vice!!

It was only two weeks ago when I posted a list of the 35 character profiles that I have been formatting to the Anime Vice Wiki Style Guide. I feels that a guide is only as good as the examples that you can show. There were more characters that I wanted to work on. I wanted to finish up the main cast of Highschool of the Dead in time for the DVD/Blu-ray release next month. Alice's page needs a bit more work and I need to handle to dog, Zeke; but the main cast is finished. I hope my work can help to improve and grow Anime Vice.

As with my last format list. While working on character pages, I mostly just concentrated on certain sections. Origin, Creation, Character Evolution, and Other Media. I left Major Story Arcs open because it would take just so much time to fill in those sections by myself. I was going through and editing the pages from two of my favorite Naruto series characters, but I found myself formatting even Sasuke Uchiha's profile. I don't even like Sasuke. After I did that, I felt obligated to do Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake. So, the main cast of Naruto all have been formatted in fine detail.

Check out my latest works:
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I haven't looked at my wiki points in a while. It was only last month that I reached 400K points. As of writing this blog post, I cracked 476K. I earned 75,000 wiki points in that time. I'm still learning that I know way too damn much about manga and anime.

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