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It was a while back that well produced AMVs(animated music video) used to be spotlighted on the front pages of Anime Vice on Wednesday. They are a part of the anime culture, and I thought showing off a new one I find once a week could be fun for the community. AMVs work as a great source for trailers. Too often official trailers never give you much of any idea of what the series is really like. More so with U.S. produced trailers.
I personally really enjoy a good AMV when it's well produced. I've been collecting some of my favorites on youtube account's Favorites section since I first joined. Good image quality and the song matches up with the song's theme. It just sucks out AMVs often get removed over copyright issues. I can understand removing whole episodes of pirated animes, but removing AMVs made by fans just seems like a real stick-up-the-ass move.
What makes a bad AMV for me is when the song is grossly overplayed. Any AMV with any songs from Linkin' Park or Evanesence is automatically going to turn me off. I swear, how many bloody AMVs do there need to be with "In the End" or "Bring Me to Life"? It's also not good if the same scene is used more than once in an AMV. It shows poor editing. I know a lot of people hate subtitles in AMVs. I can understand that, but i don't mind them too much.

Highschool of the Dead - Saeko Busujima

The first AMV I'm sharing with you this week is one for Saeko Busujima form the series Highschool of the Dead. I've recently updated and formatted her Anime Vice profile to the wiki style guide that is being used. I also recently got my first volume of the manga that was released in the U.S. in January. So far, Saeko has been one of my favorite characters.
The series is great in manga form, but after I saw this AMV. I really want this series to hurry up and come to DVD. Check out this AMV and get an idea of what Highschool of the Dead has to offer.

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