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Ban Mido looking into the camera

Ban reveals the Gorgon's Sisters

The result (They were all turned into stone)

Later on, this is an explanation of Ban's power. His powerful will is drawn out by the cards, enabling him to do more than what he expects. End of the series Ban Mido should have no problem turning people into stone with his Jagan.

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"Just because you can negate the Jagan, it does not mean that you can negate the Jagan"

Sariel, the Archangel that negates illusions

Sariel's Death Evil Eye

The Jagan

(Although Sariel is under the effects of the 1 minute long Jagan, Ban is able to scout around in his mind to discover more information)

Inside Sariel's memory

The end of the dream

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"A Pleasant Moment for the Light-Bearer"

A shirtless Ban Mido ends the battle with Lucifer and rips out his heart

The Jagan

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Ban showing that even Conceptual Beings that don't actually exist and have no soul are prey to his Jagan
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Ok, this may help me with my arguments in the future if ever needed...

Ginji Amano possesses an electric field and a magnetic field, and when he unleashes his energy, it's no mistaken that it's electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetic waves, energy and radiation travels at the speed of light.
But since he uses plasma and electric currents and have mass. Still, can't deny the legitimacy of his lightning[BYAAAH].jpg
(He can generate High frequency waves like a Microwave oven )[BYAAAH].jpg
(Infinity Fortress contains limitless Electromagnetic Waves within it, and Ginji uses that exact same power.)[BYAAAH].jpg
(Explaining yet again, that Ginji uses electromagnetic waves as his power)


I've done my research and because Ginji has this electromagnetic field and all of this plasma, he meets the conditions to be firing real lightning as if its cloud to ground, especially leader lightning bolts.[BYAAAH].jpg
(Ginji generating Plasma Phenomenon )[BYAAAH].jpg
(Electromagnetic waves that are fueling him)
(In another chapter, they note his electromagnetic field)[BYAAAH].jpg
(Just to note, in this chapter, it is explained that he can also charge things up with negative ions, which also helps my evidence)
(Here he's showing the ability to create a thunderstorm & pull down real lightning from the sky)

So when he launches out lightning, there is no mistaken that it's not real. However, with the evidence from the beginning, he should be technically shooting out electromagnetic energy which by default moves at the speed of light, but again, since his particles have mass, they can only reach near the speed of light when infinite energy is given to the attacks. There is nothing magical about it though, he does it naturally
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