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destinyheroknight made a list of animes/manga's in one of my threads that he said we should watch and i finally got time to do so, so here it is :) 
summary: a highly contagous disease is ripping through the land making the dead come to life and the bitten into one of "them".In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies. The group now attempts to figure who or what was responsible for this plague, find their families, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse. 

there are only a handful of manga's that can make me stay up all night reading until i finished reading it and let me tell you right now this is one of them. This manga is truly unique in its own way. ok i know what you guys who didnt read the manga are thinking "this is just about to be a couple of kids camping out in a high school until 75% of them gets killed off and resort to running out side where the rest gets killed off" (or at least thats what i thought), but in actuallity this manga is filled with many elements including: action, romance, heavy violence, ecchi(if your in to that kind of thing lol) etc. I have to admit i was generally shocked by how good things got.

the highs?: this manga is shockingly addictive. the action and many other characteristics is right up there with battle royal (in fact i think the guy that wrote battle royal wrote this manga, i would have to look it up) the main character is very like able and so are the members of the group, in fact as you read the manga you are praying that none of them gets killed off lol. i like the ruthlessness of the manga also, it reminds me of gantz. No one is safe in this manga the person that might be your favorite character might be the next person to go, you will never know. 
the lows?: as good as i think this manga is, there is no manga that doesnt have a small or huge flaw. this manga has TERRIBLE timing their emotion, comedy, and ecchi prospects, in fact it really threw off the realness of the manga. example you say? wail and cry one moment because you lost someone? she's laughing the next second. make a funny joke? hahahahaha hilarious, but there are 20 rotting, mutilated bodys spreaded 5 feet out. now the ecchi... i have to admit ecchi in manga make me wonder 3 things about the writer and japan: he socially retarded? 2. is this guy married?.....wait dumb question 3. is that really how japanesse girls are in japan? if so get me a ticket. if not the writer is a complete douchebag. let me explain what i mean. the writer has a scene in the manga where this guy took charge of a group of lost but sense able high school kids. the guy (who is evil) spends 1 day with these kids now all the girls are fking sex fiends. this makes a realistic manga unrealistic. this isnt a hentai. i know it will sound fucked up and i personally dont like this in manga (gantz and berserk) but for the sake of realism at least make it so they are raping the girls (note: i know its fucked up but as i said this isnt a fking porno, its a real apocalypse ) in fact they dont even have to show the boys raping the girls just let us know whats going on. also almost every girl in this manga has huge boobs, wth writer lol. 
there is my review, let me know what you think. hope you liked it  
thanks destiny for pushing me to read this manga, its one of my favs now 



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 this thread is a deicated to the anime shows that made me, actualy made me, lose alittle faith in anime all together. These shows are the definition of shit yet alot of these shows have monsterous amounts of fanboys, its insane. the anime i am about to list are irritatingly predictable, have  uncreative characters, and most likely is written by writers with brain damage and directed by monkeys in pampers. I am about to list these animes by number but please feel free to ignore those numbers because they are equally shitty. 
BTW im not giving you readers a quick summary of these shows because i only give summarys of shows that should be watched.
5.) Dragon ball GT  




This anime single handedly ruined everything DB and DBZ has worked up too.
firstly they started the anime with goku being turned into a kid.............W.......T........F. We already saw DB why do we want to see him as a kid again? 
the villains was as crappy as they come. it was painfully obvious that they used buleprints from older villians and altered them to make them different (baby=a weaker buu) or they just used older villans period. they brought frieza, cell, and nappa back and even used andriod 17 again.
but the biggest kick in the ass was the massive depowering that they gave every single character in the show. Im sure goku being cut by glass ruined thousands of childhood memorys of him being invincible. lets just thank god this shit wasnt cannon.
4) naruto



one of the monopoly of animes today is, yes thats right, naruto.
naruto acually started off as a really decent show, show casing alot of great fights and even comedy. it really deserved its fanbase after the zabuza saga.
but hey! what a fking surprise the show sold out after the gaara saga, it was filler after filler after filler, this annoyed every naruto fanboy. Its not only the fillers that annoys watchers it is the protaganist characters.
naruto is a predictable main charater that stands for justice and no killing blah blah blah. dude your a fking ninja they trained you for that shit. now we dont even want to see naruto fight anymore the views want the 9 tailed fox but the writers cant use 9 tails for everything.
sakura is the worst character in the series, showing no talent whats-so-ever but currently she can beat a member of the atuski with one year of training and minor medical talent? PIS anyone?
saskue is a fan favorite but his refusal to learn from his mistakes doesnt make any sense
this anime is a great example of something that has went down hill with time.
3.) pretty much any samurai show except champloo 


seriously writers enough is enough.
2.) bleach



there are so many holes and PIS in this story that i could go on for ages and people that know me, know i will.
the Plot armor for ichigo is so powerful he can put PC darkseid on his knees without effort. ichigo has just gotten his soul reaping powers from rukia a couple months ago yet he is able to beat renji, who btw has had and trained with his sword for years, TWICE! ok fine that might have been luck but to add insult to injury he pardied the two jugernauts of the show (kenny and byakuga) with ease and even beat them. he even beat one of them without his bankai. *mother fking faceplant*. so with a couple of months of training you can beat the strongest characters in bleach and even learn how to use you bankai which took people years to learn and master? ok.
th biggest hole in the story is the story itself. if someone is dead (considering the fact that they consider them selves as souls) how can you die again? and what about ordihema(orange hair chick)? she can basicly bring people who have died back to life so with that said how can anyone on bleachever die again?
look guys i can go on and on and on until i go to sleep wake up and go on again but it is easier to say that the writer of bleach created what could be the worst manga and anime ever made if not it is at least in the top of the shit list due to lack of a good plot and PIS.



my reaction when i heard adult swim was bring in new anime 


my reaction when i read the summary of this anime 


 my reaction when i actually watched the show 



this show is quite possiblely the worst anime i have ever watched....ever.
at least with the other animes they had their good run but this if just a huge steamy pile of george bush's crap after he had the spicy meal at taco bell
to be honest i stopped watching the show about 1-2 months ago but you guys can agree with me that a man can only take in so much crap before he gets sick.
the main character is a lame screw that is in love with a girl that is two grades above him. first off that shit doesnt even sound like it will work out well but hey whatever.
the main character is irritatingly stupid and silly to the point where its like watching bobobobobo over again.
his dad is a female and his grampa is a retard. 
the main character is working a job that he could be kill at but he still cracks jokes and make fatal mistakes. this guy wasted half his energy making a clone to pick up a cake.......: /......>:(
the female protaganist is the only good character in the entire show but the fail part is, is that this is suposed to be an action anime but all we see is a big joke.
thats my list guys feel free to comment     
excuse my spelling

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read the title 
what do you think?
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the reason i made this list is because of statements like:"naruto/one piece/bleach(*facepalm*)/DBZ is the best animes ever made". i want to tell them off then i realize that those franchise's are what we call fanboy franchise's (shows with a large fan base) they are so addicted to those mediocre animes that they have no idea what the good ones are. so here is the list of animes you should have watched. i will give a quick summary of the show but if you want a real one look up the show on animevice.
5.) Trigun 

quick summary:this anime is about a gunman,vash , that has very large bounty on his head for his actions in the past, the irony is,is that vash doesnt kill. 
granted that the show didnt really live up too the manga but the show itself is very humorous and has a large amount of action in it.  
4.) Samurai Champloo  


quick summary: this show is about a girl, fuu, that has her mind set on seeing her father, the sunflower samurai, but needs protection on the long journey. Luckily two great samurai lands right on her footstep 
this show has bomb reviews and the best soundtrack i've ever heard next too FLCL's OST but is not really heard of for some reason. In fact the people i recomended it too wouldnt even try it because they think it is another dumbass samurai show.

 3.)eureka seven 

quick review:this show is about a boy named renton that dreamed of being part of being part of the gediko crew but he get more than he asked for when some of the crew comes by for repairs. this the most romantic show i've ever watched so if you love romance and action your in luck, if you hate romance you'll love it after this show. this show is a roller coster of everything. 
this show is so F@#king underrated its not even funny. To this day i can not understand how people have not watched this show and im in awe at how many people said they watched the first episode and stopped. *facepalm* 
2.)Cowboy bebop 



quick summary: this show is about a guy, spike, named spike who with the help of his crew goes after bounties on criminals, but in actuality spike is looking for someone. 
   there is a large amount of people that has heard of this show but never bothered to watch it for some unknown reason. this is one of the best anime shows ever made and it isnt getting the recognition it deserves. if you havent watched this show, WATCH IT 
1.)neon genesis evangelion 


quick summary: this show revolves around a pilot named shinji who has a tough time getting his emotions in order but as time goes on and the danger increases in the seat of the eva he learns things about himself and the world 
holy sh!t where do i start 
IMO this is one of the best animes ever made. this show has everthing that an anime fan can ask for in an anime: complex character/character devolopment, psyclogical wonders, and a massive amount of action. if you dont pay attintion this show can be as confusing to views as FLCL is to everyone. i can sort of understand why this show isnt viewed as much by the younger generation of anime fans because of the complex plot but if you striaght up didnt give it a chance, slap your self and watch the show. 
i have more things to say about this show but this guy put it best: 
  " I think it's a masterpiece, I am glad in a way that it didn't continue in some random direction, it's so complete in and of itself, it's truly out of this world, just completely a not-of-this-world kind of artwork. The representation of each character is just unbelievable how their unique positions and relations play out in the series, it's so deep I can't even understand a good part of it all. I think the whole series can change your life if you let it." 
hope you guys enjoyed  
btw if you are wondering why FLCL, death note, code geass, etc are not on here it is because they already have a huge fanbase.     
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