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His mind can sort out a plan in a split second. Xavi is a princeone of the 11 twins exactly the strongest one.He has a hatred against humanity but isn't like most villains he likes to torture enemies with his abilities of elemental control, flight, super strength, teleportation, martial arts, mental  control, super speed, power sensing, agility, demon eyes, and immortality. For me I thought those days were over since the 1600s I was asleep resting in a prison. Until I noticed a power I've never before seen one that could free me from my prison! New Death from Gekido. 
 Me in the prison
 Me in the prison
I plan on using my mental powers to send him a telepathic message. I was put in this prison by my father.
                                   THE REASON
My father sealed a beast inside of me. Throughout time me and the beast became one threatening his reign over the land. I was stronger than him now and the people knew. When the time came for him to give up the throne to me he sended his men  to throw me in a hole in the island of the Hispaniola. The hole was made a thousand miles deep and wide. I've been in this prison ever since sleeping waiting until I found the one with the abilities needed to unlock the gate to my prison. New death a member of Gekido and his level 5 Izanagi. If it wasn't for my power sensing abilities I would of never found New Death!!
Flame809 Stats
Date Joined: Nov. 27, 2009
City: Throne of the Prince
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #8320 of 44,157
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