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I need some new anime to watch.
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My favorite anime and manga.

1. Nana

One of my favorite manga and anime. In fact, one of my favorite... anything. NANA has inspired me more than anything (other than Harry Potter). The way the characters feel deep emotions shines through to me, and I make the connection I feel for Hachi no secret. The visual style is also lovely, and has influened the way I create images in my mind.

2. Saint Tail

My first anime series. My Mom brought the first VHS home from the library, and I thought it looked silly. Haha. But I fell totally in love!

3. Witch Hunter Robin

I left [Adult Swim] on past one of the shows I was watching and discovered one of my still favorite shows. I love everything about this show. And I'll admit... I kind of had a thing for Amon, leading to my admiration of Crispin Freeman. *Sighs*

4. InuYasha

My first big series. I was flipping channels late at night and went past it saying: "Anime?!". I caught a very early rerun, which was perfect to get me into it. Though parts of the anime were exhausting, it is still one of my favorites.

5. Cardcaptor Sakura

I came to CCS far later than most people, but I'm happy to have found it. I watched the first movie and some of the other VHS dubbed eary on in my exploration of anime, but now... wow. I can't believe how they cut up that show. Animation is not just for kids, people... and kids can handle more than you think. Geez. Censorship upsets me.

6. Eden of The East

One of my newer favorites. And it comes with a funny story. I saw some icons that someone posted on LiveJournal, which lead me to look up the show. I did a double take when I read how the main characters met because - as weird as it sounds - it reminded me a lot of a story one of my best friends was writing. I thought that I just had to give it a try, even though that part was one of the very things that would make me avoid most other series. It had too many naked men (though blurred out) and some violence, that made me cringe, but I still really loved this show. My real complaint is that it was way too short!

7. Whisper of the Heart

During a celebration of Miyazaki works on tv, I set up everything to record. But almost nothing was complete when I went to watch it. :/ A few I still haven't seen in full, but I bought this one (and Princess Mononoke) right away. I was really able to connect with the main character. It's a story about a writer, after all. <3 And it has a love story. The perfect type of movie for me.

8. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I can't remember what lead me to watching this movie other than the fact that I like time travel. I did not expect the cheery first-half of the story to turn into making me sob at the end. I think this movie is really surprisingly beautiful. I was quite obsessed with it for a time. Watched it maybe 3 times in a week. I still have a fanfiction idea for it that won't leave me alone, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to that.

9. Spirited Away

A lovely, lovely movie. Probably my favorite Miyazaki film, though they are all so great. The art is just so gorgeous in this fantastical world. I find it very inspiring.

10. Kiki's Delivery Service

My first experience with Miyazaki and really with anime as a whole, I adored this movie. I used to watch it over and over again usually at night while I was doing my homework. It helped get me through 6th grade, which is quite a feat.

11. Aishiteruze Baby

A sweet story of a reckless playboy, who has to adapt to take care of his 5-year-old cousin. She teaches him to become more respectful of women and to be a better person in general. One of the first manga I got into. I have lots of first volumes of different manga, but this one I've read 3 volumes of. I hope to read more soon.

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