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Wiki Entries I'm Proud Of

A list of wiki submissions I'm proud to say I did, hope you like !

1. Katsuyu

Enjoyed working on this Summon.

2. Manda

Another summon I enjoyed working on, lots of work.

3. Elie

Goes along with the Rave Master project I have going on with a fellow Anime Vice wiki editor.

4. Dark Bring

Worked a good bit on this one, enjoy writing for it.

5. Storm

One of my all time favorites, still haven't finished her page though.

6. Gosick

Nice little series I worked on a bit for a task.

7. Lenora

Started a mini series I'm doing for Gym Leaders,put a lot of work into her.

8. Mina Aino

One of the first large Wiki profiles I did on my own free time, included large amounts of pictures and text.

9. Dragon Ball

Worked on for a task, points began adding up and ended up with over 1,000.

10. Rave Master

Worked on this with the same wiki editor as all other Rave Master, we both earned large amounts of points for this one, it was first a simple task.

11. Subaru Nakajima

First was a task, then took a little more than needed.

12. Eruka Frog

First Character I worked on when starting my Soul Eater Project. Fun little character.

13. Soul Eater

Hopefully I will finish all episodes, I just started working on them but I have put a lot of work into them already.

14. Gamabunta

With the other Sannin Summmons, didn't work on this one as much as the other two, but still did significant changes.

takashichea moderator on June 13, 2011 at 3:56 p.m.

Don't be afraid to use my name or any body on your list. I recall you working Gosick with Halberdierv2. I use many users' names on the vitae lists and the recognition blogs to give them recognitions. My recommendation will make your list appear on wiki page, so everyone can see on the wiki page. I feel like that they should fix that system.

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