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So, as many of you know, Sailor Moon is one of the most well-known and widespread manga/anime in the world. And as most of you also know, the series has been pretty dead, not really any new episodes or books coming out. You will occasionally see some great fan-art, or maybe some cosplay. However, it is never anything like it use to be back in the late 90's to around 03'. 

To Return in 2011
To Return in 2011


Now, I was aware that there had been several rumors across the web that Sailor Moon was indeed returning to America, but I actually never heard anything official on the matter, so I dismissed it. Usually, there is talk about "reviving" and older anime for perhaps as much or greater success than the original debut, however I usually don't take anything seriously until I see official word, as many of us dedicated Anime Vice users do.


However, I heard word on March 18, that Kodansha USA was releasing some new Sailor Moon manga ! I got really excited, and there supposed to release Codename: Sailor V as well as a total re-launch of the anticipated series.I've this to occur in/around September of this year, I'm also just as interested to actually see what they do with the series. So any thoughts, or opinions on the matter ? How do you see them taking this one out ?


Honestly, I have no clue. I would guess that it would be okay, but I just have this feeling it won't be as good as I hope it to be or some other fans would. We can only wait and watch, as we don't have that much information yet.


Thoughts, opinions ?


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