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Anime I've watched too much of

I grew up in the 90s and thus was exposed to a variety of anime shows aimed at making me buy things, it worked. Spending hours watching shows before school and then coming home to do the same. I even remember watching shows my friends had never seen, aka Digimon, and getting them into it.

1. Pokémon

The king. I watched this every morning in addition to playing the game and collecting the cards. Past 151 the knowledge drops considerably but those initial episodes are ingrained into my memory.

2. Digimon Adventure

The first two seasons were where I spent my time. Tamers switched channels and times but everything up to the movie had me pretending to digivolve on my friend's trampoline.

3. Dragon Ball Z

GT never came on, Dragon Ball rarely got played, but Dragon Ball Z played everyday after school on Adult Swim. All the way up to the Buu saga I know too much.

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