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Hey everyone, since I've started RPing on the Vice, I've had this... want, to do something for my fellow Vicers. Over on Comic Vine we had something we called 'Comic Vine Cards'. Basically they were cards that would information of our RP characters, and looked pretty damn awesome. I wasn't the one who began it over there but it exploded upon arrival to the vine! I noticed that there were no Anime Vice Cards, so I figured I would... attempt to bring them over here.

Basically here's what I got so far

If the layout seems oddly familiar to you, it's because I'm attempting to use the same layout they used on the Vine cards. Now the reason I put 'hopefully' soon was because, well.. I don't have photoshop, or anything fancy like that on my laptop, so I'm basically just using an online photo editor site to make this. It's not as easy as I thought it was going to be, but it is something that I can do!

The purple/pink I chose because of the Vice colors, and the random blue you see is what I'm going to use for 'hero' characters. So if you're a villain you'll get red, and if you're neutral then you get grey. As you can see there will be spots for character information and the 'notes' area will basically be a small (407 character long) bio or whatever other info you want about your character on the card.

Then if you look at the bottom of the card you'll see a 'Did you know?' area, this will be where you will put whatever random fact about your character at like... 'Did you know?: Feral Nova has a huge crush on Surkit' or whatever you want.

Then the random black spot on the right hand side of the card next to 'identity' and 'base of operations' will be where your character symbol will go.

There will also be a 'Power Grid' where... I'm going to have to talk to Sonata and maybe a couple of other Vicers about how strong each level is going to be.

This wont be out for at least another week, maybe even a little longer. I'm busy with school, work and other responsibilities and I've actually been working on this for the past three days on my down time.

Anyways, I wanted to generally see what you guys thought about this idea? Would it be something you would be interested in? Or do you think it's just a waist of time? Do you have an idea for the card that you think would be cool to have? Do you see something on the card that you think it could do without? I just want your opinions. But don't give any crazy ideas :P keep them simple please! lol

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