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Name: Ammy

Project Name: Feral Nova

Age: Roughly 5 years old, appears to be between 15-17

Hair: Pink/Red when power is in use

Eye: Blue

Origin: Possible clone of Amaerasu

Fifty years ago the Japanese government hired a group of scientists all over the world to create the perfect army. A group of beings that were so powerful, a single one could level a city within minutes but were obedient and had undying loyalties to the government who owned them. It was at that time, the twenty-five year old scientific, Doctor. Sam Sting came into the project. He came up with an idea that would give the Japanese Government what they would want... a living mass weapon of destruction.

His idea was to go into shrines of Japanese Gods and Goddess and attempt to look for a DNA sample. While he was unsuccessful in most cases, he did come back with three sets of DNA. One that was said to be the DNA of Amaerasu (the Sun Goddess), Shina-To-Be (The Wind Goddess) and Nai-No-Kami (The God of the Earthquakes). There was no formal testing to see if any of this was true, but only through actually creating the clones, would be the only way to see for sure.

It took thirty years to perfect the cloning the process, everything had to be perfect, if a single DNA strand was off, the entire project could go to waist. Dr. Sting put countless hours into the project and when the process was perfected... it was time to give rebirth to the God and Goddesses. Each of the clones having a different project name; Amaerasu was Project Nova, Shina-To-Be was Project Typhoon and Nai-No-Kami was Project Temblor. Each clone took longer to clone than expected and each clone had different issues upon 'birth'. While Nai-No-Kami was able to be clone the first time around without complications, Shina took three cloning attempts and Amaerasu took a total of ten attempts before the clone took form making her the youngest of the three.

Each of the clones were kept separated from each other, not wanting any of them to know of their 'brother' and/or 'sisters'. Project Nova was held in Japan, Project Typhoon in Russia and Project Temblor in India.

Nova was born in the facilities in Russia, and upon her 'birth' there was a complication of a massive explosion of fire, displaying her raw power. Because of this, they gave her another name; Feral Nova.

Feral Nova was raised by the entire staff of the project, being well educated, having normal human interaction and extensively trained. She was fast to absorb information, just like the other cloned God/Goddess, and was quickly able to learn how to use her powers effectively. The young clone saw the staff, not so much as staff, but as her family as the years, being the only people she had ever been around and at one point, was even given the name Ammy, in reference to the name Amaerasu. Everyone, with the exception of Dr. Sting, would call her by that name. The doctor was never close to any of the clones, he always saw them as business, not as actual living things with feelings.

But one thing that Dr. Sting did observe, was that Ammy was different from the other two. While the other clones were either very isolated or had a horrible temper, Ammy was opposite She was outgoing, loved to laugh, interacted with everyone and was very energetic.

Ammy loved her life, maybe because she didn't know any other way to live and didn't think of what was on the outside of the walls she was always kept in. But one night... everything changed.

After dinner she became naturally sleepy, going to bed she woke up just about an hour later trapped inside a testing pod. Her eyes widen as she looked out of the clear window to see those she thought as family surrounding it. She couldn't understand what was going on. What WAS going on? She felt so weak, as she struggled to speak to ask what was happening.

"The time has come for you to serve your true purpose Project Nova." Dr. Sting stepped up, his eyes cold as he spoke to her. "To become a living weapon for the Country of Japan." Walking over to a panel of buttons he held his hand over it. "You will join your older brother and sister, and together you will make the world bow before the power of Japan." No one else said anything, the staff that helped raised her stood silent, no remorse in their eyes, as if they knew this day would eventually come.

She watched has his hand pressed against a button.

Needles jabbed into her arms as she grit her teeth in pain, looking out she let out a feral roar as her body burst into flames.

"You're wasting your time Nova, that tube can withstand your power, and in your weaken state, you can't poss-" he was cut off by the sudden explosion of power that erupted before him. The tube that held the Goddess captive melted down as Ammy stepped down, her eyes filled with anger.

The staff screamed, running in every direction as security guards got into action, bullets coming as a swarm to the clone as she threw her hands out. The bullets melting down before reaching her. Balling her hands up in a fist the men began coughing up blood, boiling the blood in their body to the point of their veins combustion from the heat, they all collapsed on the ground, dead.

Rising up from the ground she blast a hole through the roof and shot upward, plummeting through every level of the building until she exploded into the night sky. Flying as far as she could from the facilities until she became exhausted, crashed landing into a rice paddy field. There, the elderly farmer and his wife found the young girl and nursed her back to strength. but not without asking questions of course.

Ammy was careful with what she told them, but told them that she had escaped a place where her family tried to kill her. The couple allowed the young girl to stay with them for a few months, until they had grown so attached to her, and ended up offering her a place to stay with them. Without hesitation she accepted, wanting nothing more than a simple life and hopefully... stay out of the way of any government officials.



The power to generate, manipulate and/or absorb fire. She has the potential to create flames as hot as the sun (27 million degrees F) but the highest temperature so far she has reached, is 300,000 F.

  • Create, Absorb, Generate and Manipulate Fire of various intensities.
  • Burn/melt objects such as ice or metal, as well as living things.
  • Firestorm Creation
  • Cause burning pains and actual burns in others.
  • Release the fire in differing ways, including fireworks of varying power, bombs, balls, beams, streams, explosives, and/or in weapons by infusing them with flame.
  • Fireproof Skin and/or Thermal Resistance both something you really would need.
  • Flame Solidification
  • Pyrokinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.
  • Heat up the air to create an "Air Lens" to block off electricity.
  • Heat Manipulation
  • Heat Generation
  • Heat Transferal

Pyrokinetic Flight:

Able to fly by projecting flame from her body. She can project a huge amount of fire to increase speed, a small amount for simple levitation or propel themselves without taking flight at all. She is able to fly about 800 mph, just a few MPH faster than the speed of sound.

Enhanced Durability:

To go with her super strength is her enhanced durability. She is able to take a punch more easily than the average person and her bones are more durable, unable to break by normal means, allowing her to take any bult attacks like a champ. However she is not bullet proof and sharp edged weapons can still cut into her skin.

Enhanced Endurance:

Nova is able to self sustain in a battle for longer periods of time if she is either out in the sun or surrounded by items/things that generate heat such as (but not limited to), volcano's, hot springs, overheated vehicles, even bodies.

Super Strength:

Type II: Being able to lift heavier structures from battleships to massive aircraft.

Sight Enhancement:

Bright lights or blinding flashes rarely (if ever) effect Nova due to her own fire manipulation. She is also has infrared vision.


Lack of Oxygen: No oxygen in the area, or shortage of oxygen means that Nova cannot create fire.

Not Bullet Proof: Bullets and bladed weapons are still able to harm Nova.

Feral_Nova Stats
Date Joined: March 18, 2009
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Points: 3 Points
Ranked: Ranked #1949 of 46,659
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