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This is basically a list of female characters who look or actually are too young for the bust sizes.

1. Komoe Harumachi

This one is basically self explanatory. Komoe is 12... with a 111cm bust line. Placing her in the H-cup category. Eiken Club had an over abundance of super busty girls but when the youngest of the lot has the second largest cleavage on the show... its easy to see why she made the list.

2. Mimi Tasogare

Mimi's bust line changes multiple times in the Card battle anime "Duel Masters" There is even a banned episode where she is crawling through a vent and she gets stuck due to her bust.

3. Bouquet

Blue Dragon makes the list with Bouqeut. At 10-12 years old with at least a C-cup, its no wonder why the american version increased her age to about 17.

4. Julie Makimoto

Bakugans 12 year old Julie here is actually the one that put me back on the subject. The thing that gets me is that they didn't even change her age in the american version like they did with Bouquet.

5. Anzu Mazaki

Also known as Tea Gardner in the american version of Yu-Gi-Oh, Anzu's bust size seemed to ranged from a large C to a Double D cup in the show and manga. At the age of 16 its not that big of a deal now a days... but when she stands by lil Yugi they look... Wow.

6. Chi-Chi

Most notably young Chi Chi, who had cleavage despite the fact she barely looked 10 years old. Seriously... go back to the dragon ball series when Chi Chi first shows up in the show. She has on like the blade helm, a cape and this two piece bikini battle set. Wtf...

7. Ranamon

To be honest I only watched this show in hopes of seeing this character when I was younger. Even in the americanized version she still had at least a C-cup if not a small D. Not to mention she was shorter then her human female rival... who was barely in her teens.

8. Poemi Watanabe

Poemi Watanabe is a 10 year old orphan girl who wants to be an anime voice actress, but while pursuing her dream comes across a fish that transforms her into the sexy busty battle babe Puni Puni Poemi... and she is actually rather useless when she transforms since she is pretty much insane.

9. Miyuki Ayukawa

Still not 100% sure of what her age is but in all honesty if Basquashs Miyuki Ayukawa look this young when you can't see her chest then she is more then likely in her early to mid teens.

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