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Battles » Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Cthulhu

TTGL is much faster either way so it's a moot point if Cthulhu can mindfuck them or not. He will be dead before he can do it.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

The fact is you can't dodge it because once it's used it hits you. It switches around points A and B. Point A being that the spear is thrown and B being that it hits its target.

Gae Bulg turns this backwards. The spear is thrown because it hits its target and not because it is thrown. The switching of cause and effect, basically.

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Battles » Bayonetta vs Gilgamesh

What's this about mongrels?

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

You sure about that? I remember Gilgamesh using Gae Bulg in F/HA at some point. Unless that was just using the passive ability.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

Obito still has to be fast enough to use Izanagi before Gae Bulg hits him. Otherwise, he's dead.

Not to mention that the use use of Izanagi destroys his eyes the last time I checked so he will only be able to defend against it once or twice before getting hit by it again. Or, just getting sword spammed.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

Hrunting is not an Island buster. It is however a projectile phantasm used by Archer/EMIYA, capable of moving at 4000 m/s or around Mach 11, homing in on targets, and straining Rho Aias used by Shirou. Its firepower should still be impressive as Rho Aias can block a portion of Excalibur's blast in Heaven's Feel. A portion of a mountain busting blast that can destroy things like Gille's Cthulhu rip-off down to its very atoms. Hrunting also would have eventually broken Rho Aias if Saber didn't stop Archer when she did.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

He can definitely beat Obito, Gae Bulg is impossible to dodge under normal conditions (causality manipulation) and it kills things deader than dead. Also, EA destroys space so conventional methods of blocking or avoiding it are out. Unless you have a convenient plot device to save you. Ichigo also gets sword spammed as he's lacking good resistance to h4x and Gilgamesh goes all women and childrens on Prime Whitebeard because we don't even know how powerful Prime Whitebeard is.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

We never see it do that, so it's not something we can actually quantify.

However, we do see it hold down Hercules but that was because Enkidu is super effective against the divine. Against anything that's not divine, not so much. Gilgamesh still annihilates the majority of the cast though. He could also try carpet bombing them with phantasms from the sky with Vimana.

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Battles » Lancer (Cú Chulainn) VS Twilight-verse

How does he fare with speed equalized?

I'm thinking Lancer can make use of his astral form to get the drop on many of them.

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Battles » Lancer (Cú Chulainn) VS Twilight-verse

Under orders from his master Lancer is to systematically eradicate every "vampire" in Twilight. There will be two scenarios.

1. speed equalized, unlimited prana

2. speed is not equalized, but Lancer is restricted to a limited amount of prana

Can he do it, and how long does it take?

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Battles » Alucard Vs. Toriko

Toriko is packing much more physical strength and durability. He also has some pretty good speed at this point. In fact, Toriko's probably too durable for them to really do anything to him.

If Alucard summons his familiars Toriko is likely to whittle down their numbers and eventually kill Alucard; especially with large area of effect attacks like Cannon Fork. Unless Alucard is able to consume Cat Boy (whatever his name was, fuck the spelling) and become whatever he became end of series, he loses.

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Battles » Destructor Asura vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

We're not even talking about Tenchi Muyo or TTGL vs Tokimi here. This is Destructor Asura vs TTGL.

And since 90% of arguments for TTGL are about How Big He Is, it makes all of your arguments moot the moment everything is rendered to scale of the fighters. Which means if;


We have been arguing that TTGL is more powerful on account of it being able to hold off/withstand the Big Bang Storm long enough for Lord Genome to help them absorb it. They were then able to successfully contain and use power comparable to a big bang.

A) TTGL is reduced to Planet-Sized to face Destructor Asura, then TTGL's shrink down to accommodate this effect

B) Asura is Scaled Up to TTGL's size, which increases his Physical Abilities appropriately. And since Asura could destroy a Planet-Sized person while only the size of a Man, his Physical abilities would grow astronomically to this purported 10million LY size.

Do you have any feats that put Asura at that level or are you just trying to power him up here so he wins? Or, are you just weakening TTGL here so it loses?

Either way, you're not being objective.

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Battles » Destructor asura vs. Gogeta super saiyan 4

Asura is faster than Gogeta and more powerful too. I haven't seen Gogeta destroy anything the size or mass of a star or display any genuine FTL feats.

- Gogeta ssj4 multiversal destructive capacity

- Gogeta ssj4 millions - trillions lightspeed

Now that's just a load of hogwash. Where in the world do people get this tripe from?

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Battles » Sahquiel vs Godzilla

The A.T. Field is not unbreakable. N2 Mines could break through them in some occasions and leave significant damage on Angels. Heisei Godzilla should have much more firepower than any N2 Mine. The same goes for Marvel Godzilla who could fight Thor. His strength should be sufficient to tear through them.

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Battles » Sahquiel vs Godzilla

Which version of Godzilla?

If it's American Not-Godzilla he gets crushed.

If it's Marvel Godzilla, Godzilla does the obliterating as he can fight Thor to some extent. Heisei Godzilla also beats Sachiel, as he was a threat to the entire world and had crazy feats like destroying black holes with his atomic breath in Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

True, but mastery of the force isn't everything in fights (usually more influential than lightsabre skills, but still). Vader is in the same ball park but the fact remains he has no feats to place him as an equal to Galen.

Other than fighting Galen to a stalemate. Not saying he's just as powerful. Just powerful enough in the force to hold his own against Galen. That was also without his legs, which made him weaker in the force as a consequence. In this match the OP specified that Vader has them.

Again, I find that passage problematic; if every single energy weapon fires a lightspeed blast, then how on earth do so many dodge their blasts? Not even force users, but Han, Leia and several others. But even if we were to only use force-users, how is it that they could deflect something that was lightspeed and yet get tagged by so many things that are obviously slower? The fact is, we can't take that as fact because it is contradicted by so many things in the movies, the books and even the comics.

Well, not all weapons are light-speed in Star Wars. The hand held blasters are obviously not but that quote was in reference to turbo-lasers (which AT-AT Walkers are equipped with) and other weapons like them. As for instances for when they're tagged by something slower could you elaborate?

Which characters and how? Be aware that inconsistencies do happen in Star Wars just like any other piece of fiction.

As for Vader and telepathy, I find you are still missing the point; I know that Vader can do it, but IT WOULD NOT BE IN CHARACTER FOR HIM TO DO SO. Sure, if he's getting his ass handed to him he might use it, but in most cases he won't use it. Yes I remember his mind reading in episode 6; that was when Luke was hiding, making a frontal attack impossible. I didn't see him trying to mind-hack Luke when he was out in the open.

So, it's a matter of if he would use it? Well, I think he would since he's outnumbered and there's the whole fact that Galen Marek can twist around the minds of dozens of Storm Troopers (to attack each other), and Darth Vader was his teacher so I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls the same trick if he's cornered.

Plus, force precognition is likely to key Vader into the sort of situation he's in.

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

As for Galen, yes I know he brought down a star destroyer, that was an impressive feat. But I've never seen Vader employ the force on that scale before, so for this battle it's a bit of a moot point.

Considering that Darth Vader could hold his own against Galen, he should be of comparable power. Otherwise, he would have immediately gotten stomped in their fights.

Let's say I agree that the turbolasers are lightspeed (I remember you talking about them before); there is nothing in that scan to suggest Luke activated the shield after the lasers were fired. It is shown in two of the panels that he clearly saw the AT-AT approaching, he would have had plenty of time to activate a shield (as you yourself admit, admirably).

There's still the instance where Luke deflects one of them back into the AT-AT Walker in the second scan I posted.

It's been stated in one of the databooks by Saxton. Here's the excerpt again:

Energy weapons fire invisible energy beams at lightspeed. The visible "bolt" is a glowing pulse that travels along the beam at less than lightspeed. Therefore, targets can explode instants before the "bolt" actually arrives.

--Taken from Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections: The Definitive Guide to the Craft from Star Wars: Episode II

So, I'm pretty sure they are light-speed.

Also, considering that there's not a lot of feats of characters resisting telepathy (and that there's no doujutsu users, jinchuuriki or bijuu in this match) in Naruto. Vader would not have to be that powerful to effect them with it.

That's not to say Vader is rubbish when it comes to mind powers, but he rarely ever uses it as an initial strategy in fights, and I don't see this being any exception.

Vader still has access to it. If comes down to it he would be more than willing to use it because he's not exactly a paragon of justice. He's a Sith and they're all about screwing with their enemies. You remember in Return of the Jedi when he read Luke's mind to find out about Leia and taunted him about it?

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

@GIRUGAMESH:That Shadows of the Empire is before the Return of Jedi so that was also before Luke got a hold of his abilities. The whole being one with the force thing is passive/constant and he just delved deeper into the force for more power. As you see in the second excerpt (Shadows of Mindor) Luke did not need to reach out to it. It just came to him naturally and he could perceive something moving at a respectable fraction of light-speed.

Tracking/processing of that caliber helps a lot when you have telepathy and telekinesis that is not limited by your movement speed.

Not sure how canon that is either, but I would like to see it happen. When does he do this? Was it in space or just flying in a city? Because there is a big difference.

Galen can do it on foot, in the game, but I'm not sure if Galen did it in a cut-scene. Galen did bring down a Star Destroyer (with telekinesis) and that was an impressive show of power. Anyway, if I'm not mistaken the Force Unleashed is canon. However, I'm not sure how canon its sequel the Force Unleashed II is.

Luke could also block attacks from an AT-AT Walker in Dark Empire, and it's equipped with light turbo-lasers. I've already mentioned to you how turbolasers are light-speed in the past.

Luke was able to put up a telekinetic shield fast enough to block it. Though, it's hard to say when it was fired. As for feats of telepathy Darth Sidious could mentally dominate/enslave Byss and turn it into a dark side nexus. Obviously, Darth Vader is not that powerful but it does set a president for it considering that he could resist Sidious' influence at the end of Return of the Jedi.

As for the population of Byss, it consisted of about 19.7 billion people. Here's a link for that.


Found some more of Luke's fight with the AT-AT Walker.

Luke's also able to deflect one of the AT-AT Walker's lasers with his light-saber.

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Battles » who in naruto could beat darth vader

Just felt like pointing out that strong force users can react to and tag tie-fighters, that typically move at sub-relativistic (1-9% the speed of light) to relativistic (10% the speed of light) speeds.

Luke reached out. The Force was here, as it was everywhere, and it was no harder to touch deep in space than it was in the swamps on Dagobah. He let it fill him. The TIE fighters suddenly seemed to be moving slower. Luke’s hands flew over the controls; he moved the stick with sharp and precise movements. Swung to his starboard and lit the lasers, double-tapped the fire button.
Lines of fire lanced out and shattered one, two of the four TIE fighters. The explosion spat a hard spray of wreckage at him as Luke looped away. Shards of the destroyed TIEs sleeted against the X-wing’s transparisteel canopy, a meal and plastic hail.

--Taken from Shadows of the Empire

"I've got it—I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna—" He was interrupted by the final flip of his X-wing, which brought his nose into line with the sight of the leading edge of the spherical debris field expanding toward him at a respectable fraction of lightspeed, and Hobbie Klivian, acknowledged master of both profanity and obscenity, human and otherwise, not to mention casual vulgarities from a dozen species and hundreds of star systems, found he had nothing to say except, "Aw, nuts."

Some X-Wings were lost to friendly fire, as they were traveling too fast for the Slash-E gunners—or even their own superb reflexes—to react as they swept through the quad turrets’ fields of fire. Some were lost to simple collisions, flying at near-relativistic speeds through very, very crowded space.

--Taken from Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

There are also force users that can outright grab tie-fighters in mid-flight with their telekinesis, like Galen Marek for instance.Though, I keep forgetting on what level of canon the Force Unleashed is. Anyway, Darth Vader should be near/around Galen Marek in terms of ability.

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