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Battles » Mamoru Hijikata (Until Death Do Us Part) vs Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

So, these two walk into a bar one night and had just a bit too much to drink. Now they're aiming to beat each other to a pulp.

Scenario 1) All standard equipment for Mamoru Hijikata, and Adam Jensen gets all of his augmentations.

Scenario 2) The same as above except Adam Jensen has also brought all of his guns, grenades, and whatever else he can get his hands on in Deus Ex: HR. Mamoru Hijikata has got his war tachi as well.

So, who wins what?

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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?


You really don't understand anything about the Demonbane series, do you? Also, it has a full manga and light novel series. Mars Demonbane was literally running across multiverses, and that's still an inferior version to EGD.

So, show me where does this actually happen and what translations exist to actually prove it outside of bunch of wiki pages and garbage from 4chan. I made the mistake of looking over the Demonbane VN stuff before in-spite of how terribly bad it is (it is very bad, and panders to the lowest common demographic) and literally the only thing of worth was the Shining Tetra-whatever.

Also, where is it clarified as canon to the VN?

Also, Mxy has his limits. He's still far below the Chousin. Mxy is a 5d-imp, which means anything from the 6th-Dimension and above can kick the $hit out of him.

No, no no no. These terms and titles mean nothing when crossing over to other pieces of fiction. It's the same as saying that because character A is God he can automatically kill character B who is not. It's all about feats.

Demonbane exists outside of all Creation and Chaos.

Which means nothing here as Mxy is out of the league of characters who are the same.

Nya creates infinite multiverses in Klein Bottles just to screw with them.

Oh really, do you care to actually mention the specifics of this and post the relevant scene? Not anything pulled up from a wiki or a badly translated load of crock from some anonymous source with no credentials.

And Demonbane has literally destroyed her 400million times with just a glare.

Which you just pulled out from some wiki or the badly summarized fan translations. You did not even quote those properly. It was not with a glare. It was in their conflict that was spanning over many, many lifetimes.

EGD is so obscenely powerful that not even TOAA-level figures can ever destroy him. Azathoth cannot get rid of him.

1) Azathoth is not TOAA level, as it only effects a multiverse at best.

2) You have no idea how powerful TOAA figures are, and are debating from hearsay.

3) Or, you are actually aware of how powerful they are and you are just wanking Demonbane.

Oh yeah, and the Labyrinth that the AS made, was not a multiverse.

No, it was a bunch of alternate possibilities and realities made to mess with Team Dai-Gurren and them breaking out of it dispelled its existence. That's why it was called the Multiverse Labyrinth and not the Mindfuck Labyrinth.

It was a mental assault, created in their heads, to confuse them, which is made rather clear when they wake up and the AS in humanoid shape is still standing right in front of them just as it had been when the effect started.

That's because Team Dai-Gurren dispelled its existence. You really think a creature like the Anti-Spiral would be limited enough in terms of power that he could not just create the whole damn thing right there in their ship? A bunch of dimensions of unknown size set in different periods of time catering each member of Team Dai-Gurren.

It was designed to keep their minds trapped so they couldn't fight back. And they all would've lost without Plot-Device Kamina's ghost coming in to give them all a kick in the ass.

The bold is the only thing you have said that holds any measure of truth. Also, Kamina did was give them an encouraging speech he did not give them some new power or something. The rest was all just them breaking out after Kamina made Simon realize where he actually was.

And the AS wasn't throwing around big bangs. It was chucking galaxies within that space.

No, that's what the Anti-Spiral was doing before as a casual method of attack. It's signature attack infinity big bang storm was literally a big bang, and its discharge was literally creating bunches of galaxies.

And the one supposed big-bang level attack would've killed TTGL had Lordgenome not absorbed the energy at the last second.

No, it wouldn't because TTGL then proceeds to absorb the energy Lord Genome absorbed and they are absolutely no worse for wear. They had literally no problem containing all of that power which would mean it's not something beyond their ability to tank either.

None of that compares to outright reality warping. Remember the Doud? You know, that one guy who wiped out an entire species across the universe in an instant because he went insane?

Oh yeah, destroying an entire species real impressive there compared to creating universes (I am being sarcastic here), destroying universes, and all of that other nonsense. You do know that of that species there was only fifty billion? As in the Dowd only killed fifty billion creatures and you are comparing it to the stuff Anti-Spiral has done. It had complete control of a universe it created, and that's where Team Dai-Gurren fought it. It trapped them in numerous possible time-lines, and it was tossing big bangs around. That's what it can do.

Yeah, that guy could've beaten TTGL just by removing the whole human race from existence.

No, as both TTGL and the Anti-Spiral has dished out and tanked stuff that is far, far, far, far, far, FAR more impressive than something that could only kill fifty billion people.

And only he wouldn't because he's a pacifist.

He wouldn't be able to do it because he is simply too weak to do it, and would be squashed by either the Anti-Spiral or TTGL.

Q, on the other hand, could make it so humans never evolved in the first place.

This is actually possible in the setting of Star Trek but A) Q would need to be able to go to the universe of TTGL which he can't do and B) be quick enough to do it against a thing that is massively FTL by every measure. Assuming Jean-Luc Picard was wrong that is in Tapestry and that it was not all just one elaborate test and illusion created by Q.

Q has got nothing to really compare in terms of speed nor the power to go into entirely different realities outside of Star Trek's.

Q could go back to the beginning of time and stop the universe from ever being born. The only thing stopping Q from turning the entire universe into one giant anus is the rest of the Continuum telling him no.

This however is a load of bullshit that you have derived solely from your own behind and your bias for Q. The guy is never even remotely shown to be capable of doing something of a universal scale the likes of that. Nor the power to create universes, the power to destroy them, or the ability to throw big bangs around.

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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@ReiKai said:

@FalconC2: Anti-Spiral wasn't creating universes either. Q could manipulate timelines, reshape reality and do all sorts of fancy things. Primarily for his own amusement. Demonbane is EGD. That's what it becomes. And the Shining Trapezohedron erases multiverses just by swinging it. In the animated version Demonbane absorbs two of them and beats Nyarlathotep with it. Nya being far and above Q, Mxy, and the whole Gurren-Lagann series.

Oh and at the end of the anime we see the Elder God versions of Daijuuji Kurou and Al Azif. They're on an omniversal scale. Really there's no reason to fight about it. Demonbane jut makes pretty much everything else look like infants by comparison.

That's a load of garbage. They are not omniversal, and for the record all the impressive Elder God Demonbane stuff has yet to be officially translated in the second VN. Just those fan translations on 4chan and it's freaking 4chan. This is not getting into the fact both VNs are known for their flowery and hyperbole laden prose. The anime I have no idea the scope of how canon it is to the VNs. Also, it does not matter how powerful the Shining Trapezohedron is if they can't even use it in time before they get stomped on.

Also, Nya is not far above Mxyzptlk who can destroy the DC multiverse which is full of worse stuff than Nya has ever had to contend with. Notable in particular the Emperor Joker storyline where the Spectre confirms that fact. Mxyzptlk would squash them like a bug.

As for Anti-Spiral not creating universes and manipulating time-lines, what do you call the multiverse labyrinth and that dimension it and TTGL destroyed in their fight? There's also the fact the Anti-Spiral was throwing around big bangs.

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Battles » Shimazu Toyohisa (Drifters) vs Gregor Clegane (Game of Thrones)

And I will assume no one is that familiar with either side.

Okay so, they both can cleave men in steel armor in half. They both got insane endurance. Shimazu Toyohisa is able to survive getting impaled half a dozen times, and survive getting shot at by large muskets. He can also cut down trees with his nodachi. Gregor is able to crush a man's skull in his hands. Shimazu Toyohisa can cut horses in twain.

Probably missing some stuff for the Gregor Clegane side as I am not the most familiar with what he can do in the novels.

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Battler Ushiromiya » Ushiromiya Battler: What magic is powerful enough to hurt him?

Also, for reference.


Basically, Battler's Endless Nine and how overpowered it is. The rule of the game is the magic/supernatural power has to come from some sort of anime, manga or VN. Any manwha and manhua are fine as well. Nothing from Marvel/DC as those got obvious answers.

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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@ReiKai said:

@GeneralVan: Demonbane becomes EGD, so it really doesn't matter.
@taichokage: I glance in every now and again. Most of it has just seemed the same stuff people have been arguing over for the last few years. So, little change.

Yes it does, you're just doing the same nonsense you've done with Tenchi and lumping him together with God Tenchi. In this case Demonbane with Elder God Demonbane.

The only thing the normal Demonbane has going for it is the Shining Trapezohedron as outside of that it's not even a planet buster. Also, the Anti-Spiral would fucking manhandle Q. The guy does not create universes like it does.

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Battles » Shimazu Toyohisa (Drifters) vs Gregor Clegane (Game of Thrones)

Shimazu Toyohisa as he is in the Drifters manga, and this is a composite of Gregor Clegane in the show and the books. Toyohisa walks in on Gregor Clegane as he is attempting to rape Layna. They are both in-character. In other words, Toyohisa goes completely fucking samurai bushido batshit crazy.

How does this go down?

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Battles » Zoro and Mihawk vs Dante and Vergil (the originals)

@Kobra678: Quicksilver is arguably just a time-slow going its in-game description and it makes sense in the context of everything else.

The aforementioned description is from DMC3.

That on top of the fact that Dante is is lightning-timer as he is able to fight Blizt which are made out of lightning will give him the speed advantage against most characters in One Piece. Yamato has dimension cutting, and Dante can also teleport with air trick.

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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?


Mxy would annihilate Demonbane, and TTGL would annihilate Q. None of that transmutation bullshit when even the Anti-Spiral could not even pull that nonsense on the crew.

Q is the weak link. Not even capable of influencing things on a universal scale.

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Battles » Bernkastel vs Haruka Kaminogi

Bern's an extremely casual universe creator/destroyer but I would just take the Ghost in the Shell stuff with a grain of salt. It's just Bern being a troll, as per usual.

Anyway, I don't think I can't say much for this since I barely know all that much about Haruka besides the Dragon Torque and only some of what it can do. Uh, so I'll go with no comment on this one.

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Battles » Z vs Bernkastel

@Dream said:

@FalconC2: Here's a video of episode 13 of Dual Parallel:

While battling the mecha Himiko, the limiter on Zinv is released allowing it to manifest LHW and easily defeat the mecha. Afterward, it is used to prevent the destruction of both parallel worlds within the series by fusing them into a third universe, which was assumed to be Zinv sacrificing itself. However...

The mecha restored itself in the new universe created, as seen in the final minutes of this final episode to the series (sorry for the Spanish dub, but this was the only copy of the scene I could find via Youtube.) It's implied that Zinv's pilot, Kazuki, would use the mecha to explore the universe, hinting to it having FTL speed.

Okay, that in that first video the fusing of the parallel worlds seems legitimate. I have no idea what they're saying in the second video though. I flunked spanish (in my defense, it was because my Spanish teacher was kind of hot and I only paid attention to her rump and tits). I already know Z has his own FTL feats but I don't know if he's actually done stuff like that with his Light Hawk Wings besides destroying the moon. If he can do what Zinv's done then sure, he probably has that power/durability; unless Zinv's LHW's were special or something.

At any rate, I think Bern and Lambda destroy and create universes much more casually than that. Plus, they can spam that stuff and do crazy things like turn cookies into a small universe. Bernkastel herself also has her "cats" for back-up that each throw around that sort of firepower. Not mention that Bern and Lamba are also tough enough to tank all of that in their fight and cross the distance between those universes they create easily.

So, I'm still thinking it's in Bernkastel's favor.

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Battles » Z vs Bernkastel

@Dream said:

@FalconC2: A "world" from a philosophical standpoint would also mean a universe and a number of sci-fi/ fantasy based fictions are known to refer to other dimensions or universes as "parallel worlds". The universal-level durability claim with 2 LHW appears to come from when the mecha Zinv from Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure capable of surviving the destruction of a parallel universe when he had two LHW and fused two of them together to create a third universe.

If that's the case then okay then. Though, I would kind of like to see that scene with Zinv. I haven't personally watched it.

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Battles » Z vs Bernkastel

Also, from the re-make (it's also in the original IIRC).

17:25~18:18, creating and destroying universes in-between them during their fight

25:48~26:56, Lambda trolling Berny with a cookie that exploded inside her stomach transforming into a small universe, Bern survives that just fine

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Battles » Z vs Bernkastel

Berny wins, and to be honest I am kind of skeptical of Z or Tenchi being able to tank a universe-buster when A) all they have to support that is a claim from Tokomi and B) she says world which is vague (and would really imply planet-busting all things considered).

Also, just going to post that even Bern's "cats" can throw around big bangs and big crunches by the handful so the Light Hawk Wings are going to eventually break anyway even if they are that tough.


Specifically, at 4:35: "The many spectacular spells displayed the beginning of a universe, the creation of planets, then their destruction and the universe's end, all in an instant."

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Otherwise, yeah he gives Naruto the Elg treatment before Naruto can do anything to stop him.

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The only real problem I see is Tengu's stamina.

He can't use his speed indefinitely without having to recharge his batteries, like in his fight with Elg he had to let Elg hit him to convert that kinetic energy into electricity.

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Battles » Saber vs Ichigo

@supernova7005 said:

@CerusSerenade: he tanked fragor, a mountain range level attack which is >>>> excalibur.

H2 ihcigo (a far weaker version) crushed lanza del relampago without a scratch, and that was a city buster atleast on par with excalibur.

Have either of those attacks done this?

Taken from Fate/Zero Volume 3

Ex – calibur!!!”

Light galloped.

Light roared.

The prana, accelerated by the factor of the released dragon, became a streak of light, a swirling and surging torrent that devoured the sea demon together with the dark night.

A silent scream rose within the river water evaporating in an instant, as every single atom composing the body of the giant sea demon that had been the embodiment of terror were exposed to the scorching impact.

But in the center of the sea demon being completely burnt to cinders, within a fortress of bulky defiled flesh, Caster simply wordlessly watched over this moment of white blinding annihilation which had stolen his heart.


“Just what, have I…”

Before this murmur, directed at no one, left his mouth, all matter was brought into another world, annihilated by the white light.

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Battles » Saber vs Ichigo

Dangai Ichigo gets vaporized.

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Battles » Gilgamesh vs HST opponents

True, the "Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death" has more firepower and it's counterpart "Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death" is the one that can't be blocked. As we clearly see Archer pull Rho Aias out after it was launched, meaning it's not instant like the "Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death." Otherwise, Archer would have been hit immediately.

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Battles » Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Cthulhu

One account of it being a galaxy sized mech with the firepower to destroy galaxies.

Seriously, Cthulhu's immortality is not that impressive and he's being overestimated here. He was a planetary threat at best. He also doesn't have any feats against vaporization/atomization.

TTGL can totally reduce him to that state.

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