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It's been over 5 weeks since I last came on. D: I am so sorry for those that I haven't replied to yet! I'm really sorry! I'll try to be more active!!! Gah, so sorry!

So, anyone can answer, since Hiro Mashima didn't put up the new chapter this week, does anyone have any predictions as to what may go down? I want to hear what others will say :)

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Oh my goodness! Are my eyes deceiving me?

If this true, you wouldn't understand the level of happiness I have reached! Tokyo Pop is possibly coming back! So many manga under that title that we were forced to claw fight might come back! But I'm more concerned about Hetalia! My little Feli is coming back to the US! No more having to scavenge websites just to read about the history lessons nor having to almost have heart attacks at seeing the price of $50 for the one I'm missing! Yay!

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-this is my first review type thing (although on a blog) so I apologize if it's off- *Spoiler Alert! (can't utilize the tool on my iPad so it has been forewarned) and this will be a paragraph so be warned of that* -synopsis of chapter in like a sentence: Hakura finds out that the chief was the leader of the Vintage and Keima has another vision type thing which he sees the girl again- After having to wait a day in order to read this chapter, I was completely excited zto press the next button on my iPad. However, this chapter, although a bit shocking but good, still doesn't really set up what the new arc would be about. It stills leaves blank holes and hasn't answered any questions that might have a risen with the previous chapter. In fact, it raises even more questions with this new arc like: Who is that mysterious girl? Why does Keima have these sort of mysterious thoughts? Does that girl have something to do with this? If so, what? What REALLY happened with the Chief? All these questions just swarmed through my head as I finished the chapter and saw the next update day. Personally, I feel, although still quite blank, pretty confident of the next upcoming chapters. This arc seems to possibly hit a strong point on the characters, especially Keima. Also, with this arc, hopefully we'll see the development with Hell and see what transpires. Overall, this chapter, although a bit lacking in the plot, was still a typical, suspenseful TWGOK chapter with amazing artwork that really encompasses the story.
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