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One of the Finest Historical Animes Ever Made

Anime as a genre has been around for over half a century, but it wasn't until the 1980s that high quality, feature-length theatrical anime movies began to be regularly released. One of the first really great historical fiction anime features was The Dagger of Kamui.The Dagger of Kamui is a ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Nov. 9, 2013
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A Timeless Work of Art

When most people think of anime they think of giant robots and cat girls; and there's a place for that. But anime is not a genre, anime is a medium for storytelling. One of the greatest anime films ever produced, 5 Centimeters Per Second has no fantasy elements whatsoever. It ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Jan. 21, 2013
A Seinen, Moe, Hāremumono Gorefest (in English: Awesome!)

The animated adaptation of Elfen Lied (no, there are no elves - its name comes from a poem), is the kind of thing you either love or hate. Like a lot of anime series, it's a giant soap opera with some great visuals and a plot that is at times ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Oct. 23, 2012
CASSHERN: The Movie -- ANOTHER Retro Review

Casshern was a 2004 adaptation of a 1993 direct-to-video anime, Casshan: Robot Hunter. It takes place in the future. But this future is a retro future where many things actually resemble past eras like in Brazil. Unlike Brazil, however, there’s no obvious reason for it, apart from perhaps choosing things ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Oct. 8, 2012
Star Blazers fans will love, SF fans will like, others can skip

Someone finally got around to making a live action version of Space Battleship Yamato. Like most Americans, I first experienced the Yamato series via the American adaptation Star Blazers. It was the first kids cartoon I can remember on American TV that didn't seem like it was (completely) talking down ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Sept. 30, 2012
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Schizophrenic acid trip

Dead Leaves proves that not all Japanese animation is 'anime' in style. This schizophrenic acid trip you have to be in the right mood for - it's like bad, silly Invader Zim meets anime like no other anime. It is extremely avant-garde with both English and Japanese words appearing on ...

Reviewed by etragedy on July 30, 2012
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BESTIES: Arrietty

'The Borrowers' series has been adapted to the screen (large and small) several times before, but never very successfully. But Hiromasa Yonebayashi (better known as 'Maro'), a rising star at Studio Ghibli, and the probable successor to Hayao Miyazaki, has done what none of the others could.The Secret World of ...

Reviewed by etragedy on May 22, 2012
Remember that summer that seemed to last forever?

When science fiction was new, stories that just dealt with space travel were good enough. Eventually though, space opera had to move on to something more substantive. The same is true with time travel. By this point, every permutation of time travel stories for the sake of exploring time travel ...

Reviewed by etragedy on May 12, 2012
Timeless Classic

Prior to the mid 1990s few Americans had heard of Hayao Miyazaki. But, with the success of Toy Story , the anime fans at Pixar Animation studios (John Lasseter in particular) were able to flex their muscle at Disney to get the Mouse House to acquire and release much of ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Feb. 8, 2012
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Entertaining Fantasy Film

I had avoided watching 'Castle in the Sky' for many years. I was aware of Miyazaki's exemplary track record, and have enjoyed several of his films to date. However, I was aware that many of his earlier films were geared toward younger audiences. That, combined with the marketing materials (even ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Feb. 8, 2012
Toho Gets Animated

In the distant future, Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war and humanity survives in small kingdoms, which are constantly under threat by dangerous animals, and an encroaching toxic jungle. One kingdom, the Valley of Wind, has a princess named Nausicaä who tries to understand, rather than destroy the Toxic ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Feb. 5, 2012
Brilliant Animation

Miyazaki’s feature length directorial follow up to Spirited Away , is Howl’s Moving Castle, based on the book of the same name. This is another fantasy film with complex plots along the lines of Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away, and while not as good as Spirited Away , it’s still ...

Reviewed by etragedy on Jan. 29, 2012
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