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Hello there and welcome.  I'd like to tell you about an exciting opportunity for you, yes you!  Are you a self-starter?  Do you consume comic books, movies and video games even when you're on the toilet? Are you smart or awkward?  Do you want to intern at a web company with it's own bar?  Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area?   Can you moooove to the San Francisco Bay Area on your own nickel?  Do you like... basements?
Here's the details.  Our internship program gives you an opportunity to see what it's like to run a website behind the scenes with industry professionals such as Jeff Gerstmann and Dave Snider and others.  When your internship is over we want you to grab your destiny by the horns and bareback that rodeo bull into the sunset.  That's right bub, this thing ends with you leaving to conquer the world.  
Internship Details:
  • $10/hour paid internship.
  • 3-6 month internships available.
  • Internship will not end in a full time job.
  • Work in a basement, attached to an actual underground speakeasy.  
Who you are: 
  • An over active member of Whiskey media
  • Excited, motivated, stable and fun
  • A US resident
  • 18 years old or more 
  • Lives in San Francisco Bay Area

PM me if you have what it takes.    
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