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Sakura-con is coming up, April 10th, and Hangry and Angry are going to be there!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea who they are, but I just landed on their page and thought they looked bad ass!  Here's their myspace:

Here's some info I have garnered from the interwebs:

Name: HANGRY (who might be Hitomi Yoshizawa)
Sex: Female cat
Height: 164 cm (not including hair)
Birthplace: H44 Star Nebula
* A very punk girl. Even though she looks wild and untamed, she is actually delicate and hates things that are out of order.

Name: ANGRY (who might be Rika Ishikawa)
Sex: Female cat
Height: 156 cm (not including hair)
Birthplace: H44 Star Nebula
* A girl who loves goth and appears to be very cute, but in reality, she has a secret devilish side. She believes that people will feel the true power of her music. has the exclusive scoop on buying Hangy and Angry's album "Kill Me Kiss Me".   Ok so who is hotter, Hangry or Angry? 

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