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My username is taken on another site 

We're seeing some conflicts in the air between names on the sites. Right now it looks like it's autoc-reating a dumb name based on your email. We're aware of the problem and will give everyone the opportunity to change the name for those accounts. It might take us a couple days, we're trying to attack billing based bugs at the moment but we will definitely get to it within the next week. Thanks for your patience.

I get a black screen when I try to charge my charge 

This is likely due to you using non-standard letters in your name or address fields. We're fixing this issue, but if you really want to sign up quick, just use standard US-alphabet and it will pass through. Don't worry, your card is not charged when it fails. 

How do I access the mobile site? 

Login to the site on your mobile phone, if it doesn't redirect you properly type in and it should show up. 

How do I get to my multi-pass after I'm on Giant Bomb 

Funny that we forgot to link this. It'll be in your profile dropdown in the top right later today. For now go to 

How do I UNLINK an account on my multipass 

You'll be able to do this next week from your whiskeymedia profile page. From there you can link up a different, previous profile. 

I paid for a month but get an email saying I was charged for year? Whuut.  

This is a fixed bug, we were sending the wrong email.  But go here to check what you were billed 

I can no longer login to my account since the facebook login is gone.

To fix this, go to this link to set a password.  This will send you a password since fb connect users have no password    

Paypal, when can we expect this option for payment. 

With in a month we'll have Paypal available    
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