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Bundaberg ginger beer. Start of a good evening.
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I get shot in this video... 
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Take the One piece: What pirate are you?

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Jimbei 100%
Half shark, half oni, all man! You are the powerful Jimbei, the pirate-hating pirate. Johnny Depp has nothing on you. In a world without honor, you are a saint; though you'd still eat any human to cross your path.
Congratulations, you are the man closest to One Piece, while also being the strongest pirate as well in the world as well. If that wasn't enough, you also possess the world's greatest mustache in existence. Pat yourself on the back, you earned it.
You might run away from battles, and constantly lie your ass off, but you are a true man. What makes you stand aside from all others is that in desperate times you can throw your cowardice aside and do what needs to be done; like dressing up like a super hero and smashing your enemies with a giant hammer.
Not only do you probably download fansubs, movie screaners, pirate PC games and have a R4, but you are also a cat burglar. If that wasn't enough, you can control the weather. Stay away from me.
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 Dragging an image and dropping it in the trash when editing images should no longer suck for Internet Explorer users.  Let me know if I am lying.  Look I even made an image to explain:

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 There was a crazy bug when using the text editor and inserting images.  Often clicking "Search this Site" in the image popup mutliple times would cause a browser crash.  This should not happen anymore.
FYI, I have tidy list of bugs that happen in the text editor on different browsers that I am still working on.  Plus I pushed out alot of bug fixes to other issues this week.  If you get a browser "CRASH" while using the text editor please let me know about it in the Bug Forums boards.  And also let me know what actions/clicks lead to the crash.  We dont want the text editor to ever crash your browser, so if it does, let me know so I can track down the problem. Thanks!
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