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So we spent the last couple of months, here at Animevice, re-configuring our editorial.  Many of you noticed we stopped reporting on Anime News in favor of focusing on Anime and Manga reviews, guides and original opinion pieces.  But guess what?  We're adding news back into the mix. 
Everyone give a shout out to our news editor   Yui Asakawa.  She's actually been writing for us for 2 weeks now, and we think she's swell.  Here's links to her recent articles -- all found on the News page:  
  1. Kinokuniya USA yanks several moe pin-up magazines from shelves 
  2. Kodansha gets fined 550,000 yen for using a man's likeness in manga 
  3. Yen Press launches their online service, Yen Plus 
  4. OneManga will remove all manga from the site this week 
  5. FLCL Limited Edition Blu-Ray hits Japan on August 18th 
  6. Xbox 360 game Steins; Gate gets its own anime 
  7. Viz Pictures licenses Detroit Metal City live action 
  8. K-ON! ladies make it big on the Japan National Census         
  9. Gundam cafe opens up next to statue in Shizuoka 
And those articles are just from the last 2 days.  And don't forget we have continued Anime/Manga series coverage from   Tom Pinchuk  and   GodLen and  Matt Lopez.
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I dont want to brag but, for a little community.....     

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I'll make a formal post about this soon.  I wanted to put this out there now though, Animevice needs an intern who can work in San Francisco, CA  ( meaning you have to live in the area ).  3-6 month intern position needed.  More on this later.
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