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Doesn't look like a demon baby
Doesn't look like a demon baby
Wow, last week our wiki task theme was Fairy Tail and what a great job you guys did.  Special shout out to  takashichea,    buhssuht and annabanana who really cleaned up.  Based off your suggestions I picked  Beelzebub, D.Gray-Man and Shaman King for this week's theme.  We have a great start on all these franchises and i bet if we focus on them for a week we could get them to the same caliber as our Fairy Tail articles. Gotta tell you guys, I'm very impressed with the quality of our wiki pages and the amount of tasks that were completed last week.

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 Fill out these wiki pages or we take the wings off.
 Fill out these wiki pages or we take the wings off.
We're focusing our Wiki Task Queue on the popular manag/anime Fairy Tail.  We've already got some amazingly well written character and plot summary articles for this franchise written up   (ex: Lucy HeartphiliaiNatsu and Erza Scarlet) .  In the interest of honoring all you crazy anime editors who wrote those wiki pages, we decided to dedicate the week to working on some Fairy Tail characters  who don't have articles yet.  So click the link below and have fun editing!

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Today we are instituting a new rule on Anime Vice, no hentai images allowed. As an experiment and in the interest of documenting the history of anime, we launched Anime Vice and allowed hentai titles in our database. Unfortunately we underestimated the sheer volume of graphic screenshots wiki editors would upload to the image galleries. For the small amount of hentai movies that are cataloged in our wiki, we have an overwhelming amount of unneeded, graphic images uploaded to them. The end result is, Google has listed Anime Vice as a porn site and dropped us from their search results. That's a huge slap to the 99% of editors who have been working hard all year on legit anime.

Anime Vice has been poked fun at by the other Whiskey Media sites exactly because it has allowed these images. But no more! The mods have already been involved in this decision and will help us remove many of these images. One mod in particular has alot of deleting to do :)

Here's the rule:

  1. Hentai titles may be cataloged in our wiki. Honestly, we just want the culturally significant ones -- if it doesn't have a good article we'll delete it.
  2. Hentai titles cataloged should have box art as the main image. Try NOT to have any nudity in box art please.
  3. Screenshots/images of sex acts cannot be uploaded to galleries (wiki or profile).
  4. No nude images implying sexual content.
  5. We'll let an occasional nude slip through, but in general staff/mods will have final say on the artistic merit or anime cultural significance of said image.

Hopefully we can carry out the plan of removing unneeded images over the next week or two. Together with this new rule and our ongoing blitz to reformat our wiki articles (see Wiki Task Queue) Anime Vice has a shot at being the best wiki of Whiskey Media!

So if you've uploaded some dirty images please start deleting them!

The Mods and Staff thank you.

[UPDATE] PS: Now help us edit and reformat wiki articles. Task Queue Theme: Cyborg Villains

[UPDATE] 5/6/11

Mods/Staff have removed as many hentai images as we could find on the site. The only images that are allowed to stay are official published boxart for anime/maga though if there is 'safe for work' version we'd rather it be used then a NSFW image -- and these images are only allowed on the actual anime/manga wiki page.

Also, for any anime/manga and it's characters that has the "Adult" theme attached to it, we now have a NOINDEX in the source code, which tells search engines not to add that page to their search results. This will also help keep dirty images out of their search index.

Hope all of these changes will make it so that Google and perhaps schools will nolonger penalize Anime Vice as a porn site.

[UPDATE] 7/25/11

Over the last 5 days visits to AV have increased by 50% and all most all these new visits are coming from Google searches. This means, I hope, that google has added us back into their normal search results and no longer classifies us as an unsafe search site.

Keep up the good work making great wiki pages, great anime blogs / user articles and keeping this place safe for work.

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 Hey, write about me already!
 Hey, write about me already!
Just like Comic Vine and Screened, we're focusing our wiki task queue on Villains for a couple of weeks.  If you've never edited a wiki page or submitted images to a character gallery, this is a great time to start.  Villains are the dudes and dudedettes we love to hate, right?  If you want to see your favorite bad guys added to the wiki task queue, just shout them out in the comments below.  

Some of the important things that need doing:
  1. Write character articles when blank.
  2. FIX articles so they follow our style guide
  3. Remove duplicate/grainy/crappy/tiny images from character galeries (We just want the good ones)
  4. Add descriptive captions to images in the gallery.
  5. Create missing characters, and attach them to the anime/manga they are in.


Please read our Wiki Style Guide to learn how to organize articles and to get a list of example articles that follow our format.  

 First 1/2 of April.   Anime Vice members who have closed the most tasks
 First 1/2 of April.   Anime Vice members who have closed the most tasks

      And if you have a hankering for comic books or movies, we're focusing on characters over at Comic Vine and Screened too.
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January was a great month for our wiki task queue.   Anime Vice members added 6539 image captions to the galleries in a 12 day wiki image task initiative.  That's 544 captions per day!   What's more, Anime Vice also got it's very own Wiki Style Guide and has joined sister sites Comic Vine and Screened in a bid to have the BEST character pages in the Whiskey Media network.   Go check out the Wiki Task Queue if you want to join in. 

Top Wiki Editors

 Here's a chart of the top wiki points earners for the month of January.  FoxFireArt was on a mission! 

 Users who gained the most wiki points in January
 Users who gained the most wiki points in January

Wiki Page Adds/Edits

You add 405 characters to our wiki and edited 2279 of them!  Don't forget the entire month of February is about editing our character pages to follow our new Wiki Style Guide, if you can follow directions you can help!     
 Newly created wiki page count by article type
 Newly created wiki page count by article type

 Wiki page edit count by article type
 Wiki page edit count by article type
 Wiki pages with that received the most edits in January.
 Wiki pages with that received the most edits in January.

And Finally, The Most Viewed User Blogs

  1. /profile/equitasinvictus/blog/ 2,079
  2. /profile/sonata/blog/ 397
  3. /profile/foxxfireart/blog/ 341
  4. /profile/raiku/blog/ 295
  5. /profile/metalsnakezero/blog/ 289
  6. /profile/penguindust/blog/ 281
  7. /profile/shadowknight508/blog/ 235
  8. /profile/chengy/blog/ 201
  9. /profile/oneesama/blog/ 146
  10. /profile/ethan/blog/ 112
  11. /profile/nerx/blog/ 84
  12. /profile/zombiepie/blog/ 80
  13. /profile/kelleth/blog/ 79
  14. /profile/thelegendaryone/blog/ 78
  15. /profile/newten/blog/ 75
  16. /profile/sotyfan16/blog/ 73
  17. /profile/codesaint/blog/ 71
  18. /profile/dream/blog/ 64
  19. /profile/devilly/blog/ 53
  20. /profile/haofan123/blog/ 52
  21. /profile/haseo_yashimora/blog/ 44
  22. /profile/ecksearoh/blog/ 43
  23. /profile/black_rose/blog/ 41
  24. /profile/destinyheroknight/blog/ 41
  25. /profile/antirox/blog/ 40    
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