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Wiki Style Guide

What is a Plot Summary?

I'm NEW! Where do I introduce myself?

Hi I'm New and Goodbye Thread

How do I Change the Main Image of a Movie, Show, Character, etc?

Image Change Thread

How do I Fix a Misspelled or Wrong Name of a Movie, Show, Character, etc?

Name Change/Alias Thread

How do I PM all Mods at Once to Report an Issue?

Forum Guidelines

Look, this is a nice community we've got here. I don’t think we need a huge rule set other then saying be nice. It’s the Road House rules, be nice.

  • Don't YouTube-spam the boards.
  • You can link to other sites IF your topic is not spam.
  • No curse words or bad language in Topic Titles.
  • No racism or other comments that incite hate between users.
  • No explicit discussions about sex, illegal drugs, or other illegal activities.
  • No trolling or flaming.
  • No advertising.
  • No abusing the post flagging system, this system is used to help the mods pick through the bad posts.
  • Do not flag someone just because you disagree with them, keep this feature strictly for those who post spam, or are doing anything of the prohibited activities above.
  • No linking to pirate sites.
  • No linking to pornography unless it has to do with the anime at hand, linking to a pornographic website and not properly labeling it as so is means for immediate, permanent, forum ban.

Wiki Styles & Guidelines

Do Not Plagiarize!

  • This means do not copy and paste text from Wikipedia -- or anywhere else -- into our site.
  • If you are caught plagiarizing your points will be brought back to ZERO (You’ll get a PM first).
  • Report plagiarism to the mods over a PM.
  • More on Rooting out Plagiarism.

Where Do I Start?

Is Hentai Allowed?

Hentai may be cataloged in our wiki, but do not upload sexually explicit images.


  • Watermarked images should NOT be added to our wiki.
  • The main image of an anime series/movie should be of the original US Movie poster or DVD Box art when available.
  • Do not upload sexually explicit images.

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Submissions can take several hours to be approved.

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