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Battles » Dix-Nerf (Diebuster) vs Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

If I recall correctly top tiers in Diebuster are planetary threads. Whereas SGGL by virtue of size can destroy planets like earth with no difficult.

Supposedly according to a databook scan, that someone posted on this forum SGGL is actually much bigger than the moon. GAINAX intended the moon to be smaller than the feet of CGGL. (apparently cggl was compacted inside the "fake moon", you know like some of our organs that are inside of our body)

Anyway the mecha is ten times bigger with giga drill breaker. And we see the mecha destroying anti spiral ships that were probably bigger than jupiter. The giga drill breaker attack should be ftl by virtue of size alone so putting all this together makes me think that the mecha outclasses Dix-Nerf

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Battles » Goku (Post-Saiyan Saga) vs Dio Brando



Are you slow?

Star Platinum >>> Silver Chariot And The World=Star Platinum

It is stated that the world and star platinum are similar on every aspect but durability and range. Where TW has better range but inferior durability to SP.

It is a well known fact that Star Platinum is superior to Silver Chariot who is FTL. And we can see TW blitzing and fighting equally with SP a stand who already proved to be ftl. Being able to blitz SP is a feat that already proves that Dio's TW is FTL.

Going by your logic SSJ Goku is not a planet buster because he has not shown the same kind of feat like frieza.

also this:


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Battles » Goku, Vegeta, & Trunks SSJ4 verses Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


I do not know if this was already answered and I am too lazy to read all the posts.But there are scans from the databook that clearly state that TTGL is larger than a galaxy. I am not sure about the 10 million light years part, but I am 100% sure that the authors confirm him to be larger than a galaxy. It is obvious that the scale of earth compared to the galaxies and other wonky stuff are simply scale issues that are necessary for the plot. i.e WHen we see Earth during the final battle, it is an element used for sake of drama. There if you do not mess up with the scales it would be impossible to see the Earth and ergo it would be quite difficult to understand the scene. And also there is a moment where the Earth is zoomed out and then zoomed in as if some kind of weird dimensional zoom existed.

Anyway here I have a scan

the second sentence states that the mecha ttgl is larger than the milky way galaxy. (yes the milkyway)

As for the battle, Omega SHenron was going to destroy the universe, but via chain reaction and was not an instant event. It was via negative corruption. Like cancer. Even gogeta stated that when he kicked out the minus energy power ball he nullified the negative energy that at that moment was just surrounding earth, with his positive energy. It is evident that the negative energy was not going to expand beyond earth as long as the dragon did not abandon earth. The old supreme kai states that after the Earth was destroyed the corruption of the dragon balls was going to reach other planets, stars and galaxies till the universe reached its extinction. THe description is clear and graphic. It is never described like o big bang boom gg universe.

On the other hand the antispirals can actually one shot the universe. THe characters state that the final attack of Anti spirals had a power comparable to that of the big bang based on the lecture of the computers and the computers of the series dwarf our technology. Keep in mind that our current technology is already capable of measuring the energy of the big bang. This is proven with the CERN experiments.

Ok the infinity big bang storm was born from the fusion of two galaxies and it does not make sense to produce such energy with only two galaxies. Big deal

  • The whole series does not make sense. duh
  • The blast itself was already significantly much bigger than the two combined galaxies
  • From the blast we can see several galaxies being spammed. In the movie lagann hen this is quite more notable.

@5th: Antispirals teleported inside chou ginga gurren lagann. But were unable with TTGL, because the mecha is shielded by massive amounts of spiral energy


edited: while I was taking a look at the thread I noticed this scan

It states that TTGL is x10^15 the size of choun ginga gurren lagann. But I have trouble with the measure. They are comparing the size of a mecha with different objects. Gurren Lagan with a human. Arc Gurren Lagann with I think it says Tokyo city. (Yes the mecha dwarfs Tokyo). If I am not missing something it is as well indicating that the moon looks small compared to CGGL. And TTGL dwarfing the milky way galaxy where his feet are basically bigger.

Ok if this is the scale comparison then:

ARc GL is like 10 times Tokyo. and Tokyo is like 90 km in diameter.

If this is right GL who is around 10 meters tall multiplied by x10^5 would be 1 million meters tall which is supposed to be the size of arc gurren, this is about 1000 km or over 10 times the diameter of TOkyo. Going by the numbers and scales that the scan provide this seems to be correct and nothing sounds weird here.

CGGL is x10^5 that. SO it would be 100 million km, which is almost 30 thousand times the size of the moon O.O Here is where wonky stuff begins

And TTGL is x10^15 that which would be equal to 1.0 × 10^23 over 1×10^10 light years, (10 billion light years)

I want to think that I missed something, but I do not know where. The calc I made seems to be legit D=. Or I am missing something. Or the authors messed with numbers.

The 10 million light years thing doesn't seem to fit nowhere

If we say that TTGL is x10^15 the size of the moon, then the mecha would be over 3.0 times bigger than the milky way.

But the problem is that there is some text above the mechas that states that TTGL is x 10 ^25 bigger than gurren lann. Even if we say that Gurren Lagann is one meter tall, TTGl would still be 1 × 10^9 light years or 1 billion light years tall.

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Battles » Goku (Post-Saiyan Saga) vs Dio Brando


Are you kidding me? Did we read the same manga?

1) Silver Chariot is a confirmed FTL than light stand.


"Silver Chariot is an incredibly quick stand that is faster than light. It is able to appear in multiple places at once, due to moving at a speed faster than the human eye can comprehend. Attacking one image would be useless, as Silver Chariot would have moved long before the attack even reaches it. Its speed is great enough that it is able to skewer coins and balls of fire in an alternating pattern, deflect bullets shot at point blank range, and attack several times in an instant. It was also able to attack faster than The Hanged Man, which travels through beams of light."

Got it? Hell in the ova we can see a slow motion scene of Silver Chariot blitzing The Hanged Mand. And it is canon because this feat is based on the manga.

2) The World is confirmed to be faster than Silver Chariot. Dio Brando clearly stated that only Star Platinum could match the speed and strength of The World. Not only that, it is a well known fact that Star Platinun > Silver CHariot in terms of speed. If you actually read the manga you can not deny the fact that The World=Star Platinum. Star Platinum won mostly because:

  • Dio underestimated Jotaro
  • Jotaro went berserk. Jotaro does mention that he owed the victory to Dio because he provoked him. Just like Cell did with Gohan
  • Unlike Jotaro, Dio didn't have any special reason to go berserk. He was not trying to save his mom or wanted to kill the guy who brutally killed his grandpa before his eyes. This is an important fact because emotions are linked to the power of a stand. This is mentioned several times.

3) So we have : Silver Chariot a confirmed FTL stand. THe World who is faster than SIlver Chariot. A scan that clearly states that SP is FTL and The World is basically as fast as this stand.

4) Can you already see the problem with your desperate denial? We already posted evidence and countered all your arguments. Your denial will only take to other posters to ignore you and not take you seriously. If this were a court you would already be inside an ugly jail dude.

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Battles » The Doctor (Doctor Who) vs Frederica Bernkastel

Bernkastel can pretty much bring herself back to life as long as she wants. It takes conceptual damage to kill her for good.

Besides that It is said that she lives in a world where concepts like fate and possibility can be visualized. She can give birth to all kinds of miracles with her immense power but, in compensation for that, her heart ends up breaking a bit. She can time travel, and travel to other universes. That is why she has the rank of a "voyager" witch. She can explore the sea of kakeras, which means she can pretty much learn everything about the Doctor, his weakness, etc. Going with Bernkastel.

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Battles » Featherine Augustus Aurora vs Gigyas

@Asune: Well Featherin was stated to actually be a Creator. Which is multiversal level. Supposedly the Featherin that we see is just the avatar of her true form.. These basically sums up everything

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Battles » Bernkastel, Lambdadelta and Featherin run a Gauntlet

@Asune: Is not STTGL high universal?

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Battles » Featherine Augustus Aurora vs Gigyas

Going by power scaling she should laugh about creating or destroying universes. Gigyas is going to be the new Miko of Featherin

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Battles » Bernkastel, Lambdadelta and Featherin run a Gauntlet

Well since my last vs topic broke some rules I am going to try to start with something different

The cats of Feathering are included as part of Featherin's standard guards

scenario 1: each witch takes the gauntlet alone

scenario 2: They team up and take the gauntlet together

- The witches have full knowledge about their foes and their abilities

- The witches have a full year to prepare for all their respective battles.

- The characters have no knowledge about the witches. But they have knowledge about the day of their arrival. They have a full year to prepare for the battle.

-After every battle they recover their health and energy.

-During their battle everyone is blood lusted, character induced stupidity is off, everyones is at their prime

-Battle to death

-The goal of the witches is to conquer our world so they can keep trolling everyone forever!!!! Can anyone save us from these psychopath bitches?

bonus scenario: if they can defeat everyone one to one, then everyone teams up to fight the witches at the same time. They can help each other by doing stuff like healing each other, etc.


1) Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger -just for the giggles- (Battlefield: Howarts Harry and company are in the great Hall. The witches are 100 miles away from Howarts. They are flying towards to the school but they do not feel like in a hurry. Their flying speed is 40 km/h. As for this scenario it is unique since the witches are not going to be blood lusted. They just happened to heard about this school of witchcraft and wizardry and they feel quite curious.) They are visiting Howarts just to play with the kids. After all the witches love kids. They are going to -cough- scare the shit out of them -cough- have a good time!

2) Berserk Eva Unit 01 and Unit 02 (battlefield: New York. distance: The witches are 1 km away from the mechas before the battle starts time: 24:00 hrs ) What happens with new york? The witches do not actually intend to destroy de city, but maybe they want to play around a little bit with their magic. Bern as the statue of liberty?

3) Mewtwo, Mew and Deoxys (Battlefield: Palet Town The witches are 2 miles way from Pale Town) The day is cloudy. Humans and Pokemon are running,swimming or flying as far away as they can from Palet Town. Ash Ketchum is crying like always. Gary Oak on the other hand, stays calm. He understands that it is useless to run. These battle is going to decide he destiny of the Pokemon World.

4) Jotaro Kujo and Josuke Higashikata (the time stop of Start Platinum does not have effect on Joskuke- Battlefield: Paris JoJo team is waiting at the last floor of the Eiffel Tower while the witches are having fun at Louvre) Paris... the city of art and love. Bern and Lambda speak all the time about their mutual love. This city seems to be perfect for those kids.

5) Super Vegeto, Ssj 3 Gotenks and Chou Gohan ( Battlefield: Hyperbolic time Chamber) The 3 mightiest sayian warriors are waiting still and patiently. They know that the witches are going to teleport inside the hyperbolic time chamber at any time. -no dragon balls-

6) Dark Schneider, Michael and Gabriel ( Battlefield: Black Abyss The withces are 100 meters away from DS's party ) DS is laughing out loud. So do Bern and Lambda.

7) Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ( Battle field: The eleventh Dimension ) The mecha is ready to fight. Malevolent laughs make echo across the entire Universe. It is impossible to predict who is going to attack first. Note: For this scenario the witches are not allowed to do something like teleporting inside the mecha and kill Simon and the others. They have to battle the mecha.

BTW... If you are not familiar with the witches I can post info about them and actual pictures that back up their feats.

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Battles » Umineko's verse runs a gauntlet

@Destinyheroknight: Universe vs Universe threads.... mmm can you erase this thread please. While I think about something else?

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Battles » Umineko's verse runs a gauntlet

1) Naruto, Bleach and One Piece (love the trolling!)

2) Evangelion

3) Jojo Bizarre adventure (part 1-4)

4) Dragon Ball (z-gt)

5) Bastard!!

6) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

7) Jojo Bizarre adventure (part 5-current)

8) Saint Seiya

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