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I finished Cowboy Bebop, I will never forget the end.
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Some of my favorite anime girls are DFCs (I've never heard this term before, though). To list a few... 
  • Rin Kokonoe (Kodomo no Jikan)
  • Etna & Flonne (Disgaea)
  • Dawn (Pokemon)
 I'm more of an ass man, but even then, it still mostly depends on the girl's personality.
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I remember reading some pretty terrible Naruto fanfics when I used to be a Narutard. 
My favorite would probably have to be a Tokyo Mew Mew hentai fanfic I read somewhere (yes I know I have a crappy taste in hentai, why don't 'cha rub it in my face?)
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 I love Bobobo, even the ending was insane, everybody was all like "SORRY LAST EPISODE GTG." Do you have any favorite anime moments/scenes? 
 Edit: Don't be lazy! Post videos! Use the spoiler warning if you feel you must.
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