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Though I'm out of the reviewing scene for a bit, just going to say Madoka Magica:rebellion get's a fuckng perfect out of 10. Too good, I quit, I've been bested. LATER XD
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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 9 JPN (Mar 2011)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 9 JPN (Mar 2011)

Hello again vice, it is I, M. Once again the Carnival opens its doors, this time with Volume 9 of Deadman Wonderland. The Final volume in the Forgeries arc. So shall we begin? The final show before our next arc in the last two volumes that have been released?

Volume 9 finishes the Forgeries arc. With the main Forgeries defeated by the Deadmen crew and the rest are being routed by the former warden and her staff; the promoter finds himself trapped and looking for a way out. All the While the mocking bird seems to have plans of his own as he goes after the newly awoken Wretched Egg. This final fight may very well decide the fate of Deadman Wonderland itself.

Things begin to wrap up in this one in terms of this arc and I got to say if you managed to somehow keep your interest in the story of Deadman wonderland from being wrenched out of you by this series; then this Volume finally give some sense of reward as we begin to deal with the Wretched Egg as a character more than a hidden force. More so the level of story beats and finality to this volume drives with me a strong re-interest in the actual story of Deadman wonderland which had begun to wither with the sillyness and go nowhere notion of quiet a bit of the Deadman.

The problem being, it’s still too silly, while again the Deadmen get a pass by being interesting and explained with “its science stuff” watching the staff under the warden just be so overpowered in the face of actual superpowers is absurd and hard to view as anything more the samey over the top action that helps drive my ability to take Deadman serious into a ditch. In many ways it was a big reminder that Deadman wonderland is often impossible to truly take as seriously as its competitors in the serious dark story market.

That being said the final events for this volume and where it leaves the story definitely left me interested and a bit worried. It could go absolutely interesting places, but with Deadman wonderlands track record of excellent parts but a tendency to mess up on execution leaves me concerned. All in all I’m happy with it keeping up with 4 world ending smiles out of 5. This Carnival is quickly coming to a close, but the show isn’t over yet. That’s all for today vicer users; M here signing off.

M is happy to say; the Queen of Deadmen is back.
M is happy to say; the Queen of Deadmen is back.
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