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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2007)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2007)

Well Hello Anime Vice, M here again with a review but a bit different this time, here I’ve begun to go through and add a bit of a new segment, reviewing volume by volume Dead man wonderland the future diary manga if memory serves. I’ve been interested in checking out Deadman wonderland since it first showed up in the back of one of my old Tokyopop mangas.I felt it might be interesting to write mini reviews of each volume as I read it and show my feelings as it evolves on the franchise as a whole, all while I continue to watch the show on Toonami. This being noted let’s get into the meat of the this new feature and talk about dead man wonderland volume one.

Released back in 2010 by Tokyo pop Deadman Wonderland features the story of Ganta a middle school kid who was the only survivor of an attack on his class by the mysterious “Red man” and then is as his luck would have it blamed for the incident. With a death sentence invoked he finds himself in Deadman Wonderland a carnival style prison where prisoners perform for our amusement usually in horrific and gruesome ways. From there he meets Shrio a mysterious albino girl whom claims to be a friend of Gantas.

The first volume basically covers his first couple of days and establishes the tone for the franchise, something very gruesome dark and unfair to the main character. The Tone whether you like it or not is very much the same as the tone was in two other mangas I rather enjoyed, Elfen Lied and Future diaries. Both building on a dark atmosphere and often putting the main character in rather painful and unpleasant circumstance. The Pros are simple in this turn around. The main character while a panicked middle schooler seems to have some intelligence and some balls when he needs to and while I already know the answer from the anime, the red man is presented successfully as a creepy and frighteningly powerful entity all while remaining a well presented mystery. The art is gritty but not too much, it looks nice and while not always in some spots it reads well and passes quickly giving you the urge to push on with the series.

The cons are mostly in execution, the begging seems too rushed in terms of pace (not in terms of production) and for the most part the side characters aside from Shiro have little or no time to do much more then shout out a line or two before walking away from the scene so that the story can move to something else quickly. Nothing seems to take the time that it should nor be as well established as it should.

Most of all I’m very interested to see where it goes despite some decisive opinions of the franchise. As for this volume I give it a 4 candy pieces out of 5, Well I’m off to do some work but hope you guys enjoy the new mini reviews also sorry about the podcast were working on it just need one last thing done so just wait you guys later.

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