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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 7 JPN (Jan 2010)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 7 JPN (Jan 2010)

Hello again vice, it’s time for our daily ride in Deadman Wonderland and see this carnival to the bloody end. This time were getting past the halfway point by ending Volume 7 the next volume in the Forgeries arc. So shall we begin? Step on to the ride then and enjoy.

Volume 7 continues the Forgeries arc as alone Ganta with alone goes after Azami, willing to die insuring that none of his friends die anymore. Alone he faces Azami and uncovers the Truth about the Forgeries and their reason for being here. All While Shiro attempts to get the rest of the Deadmen crew to mount a rescue/reinforcement for Ganta. Meanwhile the warden plans against the promoter as everything boils to breaking point.

I think I made myself pretty clear in the last review that I rather enjoy the Forgeries arc. It feels more like the natural progression of the story then the Scar chain verse Undertake arc did and a lot more well thought out. While not much actually happened in this volume it builds the excitement. This excitement reaching a natural high as all things seem to naturally be heading to a three side battle over Deadman Wonderland itself between The Promoter and his Forgeries, the Deadman crew led by Shiro, Ganta, and Crow and lastly the Staff itself under the command of the warden. This while in writing it is similar the events of the last arch, however the story is building slower and more naturally over the entire story as opposed to 2 volumes. Lastly all the leaders in this build up are already established and have been for a while so their desire to kill the f@#k out of each other seems more natural and earned. Lastly I have to give credit, Deadman wonderland volume 7 made me cringe at one point, that is a hard reaction to get from me.

The main issue with this volume has been throughout the Deadman series that I can’t really ignore any more, Deadman wonderland can’t seem to decide if it wants to be taken seriously like a seinen, or running on the Rule of Cool that all shounen manga require to function at all. While either way you cut it becomes more generic the less mature you try to take it but more dysfunctional the more you try to take it seriously and honestly I don’t know which category it’s intending to be.

Over all I like this volume quiet a good bit as well as this arc. It still has some deep underlying problems but they are masked really well. So this volume manages to return Deadman Wonderland to its damn good average of 4 Girl guy it things out of 5. That’s it for today vice, have fun on the next ride.

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