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Hello vice, it’s M, back again for another entry in the great library of reviews. This time we take it to the loosely Lovecraft inspired Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos. A 2012 anime brought to us by XEBEC, a studio I’m completely unfamiliar with and have no reason to trust or distrust. All in all Nyarko-san gained some fame and recognition from people whose opinions I do trust in spite of empirical evidence, enough to grab my attention and bring it to crunchy roll.

Nyarko-san follows the high school adventures of Mahiro Yasaka, whom lived the normal life until he was attack by unknown demons. Right before he is taken away, the young man fines himself saved by a mysterious and hyper young girl. This young girl turns out to be Nyarlathotep the crawling chaos, who in lovecraftian mythos is pretty much the devil. Along with this she turns out to be a member of the planetary defense origination that aims to protect the planets from other deities. All said and good, but when Yasaka finds out Nyarlathotep or Nyarko, is more interesting in making love with him then protecting earth his life becomes more and more uncomfortable and unstable.

Based incredibly loosely on Lovcraftian mythos this comedy parody brings out quite a bit of the elder gods, with the additions to the cast being Hastur, a Cthulhi, and my personal favorite character, the living flame Cthuga who desires to have Nyarko lesbian babies. It’s fairly charming and the incredibly contrast to the gloominess of lovecraftian myth makes it funny without even having to try. Aside from the Cthulhi I enjoyed the entire cast and for what it’s worth the appeal and humor never got old even after 12 episodes. While I rarely laughed out loud I’m very cold to comedies so to be called funny by me is an achievement in and of itself. Also points for some of the cleverest anime references I’ve seen in a while, Nyarko-san actually reminded me that Big O existed....oh and...nyarko is occasionally insanely adorable which usually has no effect on me...but...

Nyarko-san however is a disappointment. It doesn’t really go wrong, but it doesn’t really commit to the lovecraftian parody past the first couple episodes, and while there are little references here and there, it’s not clever or really relevant to the plot. What it pulls for a reference is usually just stating something from the Lovecraftian universe; it’s as clever as calling a tree Cthulhu. It’s still just a tree, but now it has a lovecraftian name and that’s not what I consider clever. Change all the names to people from the star wars story and aside from switching up some of the powers and art the story would play the exact same it’s so irrelevant to what the anime actually does. Knowing you could strip the lovecraftian elements out and replace it with generic sci-fi and the show go virtually unchanged can’t help but disappoint when better use of the source material could have really pushed the show into something better than just good.

That being said Nyarko-san is funny by itself, but more importantly it’s kind of charming and endearing. While it won’t leave any real sort of impression on me, nor be in my thoughts past this review, I enjoyed it. Which is more then I can say to the army of slice of life comedies that do pretty much nothing for me. A good pallet cleanser and a pleasant time for what it’s worth Nyarko-san gets 3.5 tentacles out of 5. Sorry for the short Review, but I’m feeling pretty lazy today so enjoy! Later Vice.

This is M and...Cthuga...just...HOW CA-...never mind.
This is M and...Cthuga...just...HOW CA-...never mind.
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