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Though I'm out of the reviewing scene for a bit, just going to say Madoka Magica:rebellion get's a fuckng perfect out of 10. Too good, I quit, I've been bested. LATER XD
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F: M’s remade our format to fit manga in what we call mini-reviews. This is the first one and I hope you like it.  However M will not be her to edit or re write my review still enjoy

What love triangles should be
What love triangles should be

F: Kashimashi: girl meets girl surrounds Hazumu Osaragi a former boy who in the earlier manga was crush by an alien space ship. The alien being out of his damn mind, but a nice guy rebuilds him as a girl and returns him to his family. Over the course of the first manga till things were kind of set up like this. Hazumu loves both her best friend Tomari and her original crush Yasuna.  They are waiting for her to choice however the alien brings up another problem she doesn’t have much time to choose before she dies!

F: The story itself is just rather weird and is in no way deep and it all    seems like a cipher to give a reason why the weak willed Hazumu would even be decisive. The major complaint is it’s kind of boring until the end it seems to be way to long maybe it’s the fact that as a omnibus no matter how much you read it seems like it goes on forever, but I should be happy it never end not wishing I was doing something far more interesting. Another issue is as    I believe Erica once said that too many Yuri use gender-bending as an excuse for having Yuri without

Which one doesint belong?
Which one doesint belong?

having to have Lesbian characters. It seems played out, but true and just makes me a little sad.

F: however not everything is dark bottomless tartorus pit that M would like you to believe life is.  What the show lacks in diverse story telling it makes up with interesting characters expressions are not overused and tend to be reveling and the differences between admittedly mostly the female characters are many. The ending is actually really good the last few chapters are really warming and enjoyable. They story picks back up and ends well after half way through defiantly not a total loss.

F: In the end it’s alright and that good enough for me even if it’s half rate more Yuri isn’t bad it’s a small enough theme that I’m willing to suport almost anything from it. The totally mediocre package gets 3 why does nobody ever says the word lesbian in Yuri? out of 5     

He knows when your sleeping he knows when your awake
He knows when your sleeping he knows when your awake
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