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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 5 JPN (Apr 2009)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 5 JPN (Apr 2009)

Well Hello again, it is I M, here again to give you all another taste of the circus that is Deadman Wonderland. Today’s subject is of course volume five of the Deadman wonderland series. In an attempt to keep things short I’ll get right to our main attraction.

Volume five follows the further actions of Scar Chain, the Deadman resistance movement, against the undertakers, now with the Owl captured, their plan in shambles and the only famed members being Ganta the woodpecker, and the Fowl, Scar chain intends to kick it into overdrive and go for one last make or break with one last operation and decide the fate of all its members. This culminating in a large scale final battle between all of Scar Chain and the Undertakers.

Right off the bat Volume five starts and ends the most action heavy entry into the Deadman Wonderland. In fact I honestly can’t think of a single chapter where blood was not spilled from someone even if just a training Montague. This action heavy focus isn’t that much of a detriment seeing as it is suppose to be the close of an arch. For what it’s worth it’s fairly brutal and interesting enough to look at and the characters you like still are around and act as you’d expect. Perhaps my half hearted praise is showing that my next little paragraph might be a bit bigger huh?

Truth be told, most of the positive in this volume comes from the good will earned by previous entries and the simple acknowledgement that the production values of the volume are high, but in terms of plot and execution the volume is a complete flop. The Arch itself is essential blood benders (Deadmen) vs Bleach characters (undertakers)set in Arkhem asylum and while that might be appealing to some, but in the somewhat serious/disturbing nature of Deadman wonderland it seems completely out of place and time, this of course might just be a symptom of my bigger distaste for series like Bleach. (I have a feeling I’m going to regret saying that on a public forum)

Beyond my issues with the arch itself there are bigger problems with execution of said story arch. It’s like a punch line without a set up. The entire volume is an attempt to having a stunning climax that was only barely established a volume ago. It feels unearned and as such I, as a reader, lack any sort of investment aside from caring about the fate of Shiro and Ganta. This disinterest coupled with the confusing and rather poorly handled final battle leave me unimpressed and let down by this entry into the Deadman world.

Well it’s not a big secret that I don’t find volume 5 all that great, it’s serviceable and okay, but definitely a low point for the series as a whole. Well mostly I’m happy to be finished with the Undertakers as a whole and from the little bits that I hear the next arch sounds a lot more my tastes, that all said this volume ends with a mediocre and final 3 super monks out of 5 now let’s never hear the world super monk again, later vice.

M here, guess the Undertakers forgot, spend enough time with the dead and you'll become one.
M here, guess the Undertakers forgot, spend enough time with the dead and you'll become one.
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