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F: it’s the female user for her first formal review of course sticking to M’s format and edited by M as well. (M: I still serve some purpose) Anyways after reading Gia’s review of maria holic I decided to give it a go me being a huge fan of Yuri and all so sticking to Ms format well start off with a description. The story starts off with protagonist Kanako Miyamae of whom is literally allergic to men going to an all girl’s school. (M: Bacisly every Yuri ever made) however the twist is the first girl, Mariya, she meets is far from one. She quickly discovered “Her” identity and threatens to reveal his trencher. He being smart as he is and twice as evil threatens to blow her secret (that she’s a lesbian) and use his maid, the utterly drop dead hilarious Matsurika , to frame Kanako with sexual assault. They break a truce and begin a series of utterly bat shit crazy events.

F: Now in an attempt to not make a billion Akbar references lets move on to the heart of the matter. (M: If you dare go

satan compels him to be awesome
satan compels him to be awesome

through this review without an “it’s a trap” joke I will come after you) The show is separated into many unrelated stories similarly to most comedy slice of life titles. The show focus its effort not so much of the romance and fluff most Yuri literally drive themselves entirely upon and turn to more comedy antics driving up the references to stuff from   the failure of the virtual boy to the French revolution.  This makes Maria holic an ever so rare exception to the common place Yuri has as romances where the only exceptional feature is that it involves two women.  In fact one could make the argument that the only reason it’s set in an all girls school is A for the trap and B to make fun of the fact that yuri can’t seem to have a setting anywhere else.

F: Keeping to the format M set up (M: Damn straight) we will go to my negatives first. As I write this I realize most of my negatives are all more subjective then objective. The shows main subjective complaint is an I can’t help but be offended by some of Mariya’s remarks just plain offensive. I hate to be over sensitive and I love Mariya’s never ending sarcasm making “her” one of my favorite characters, but comments like “Lesbians can’t be chaste idiot.” Or “Your just filthy beast.” Felt kind of just unnecessary. Maria also seemed a bit too stereo typed being the perverted lesbian to the point when I came to the afrosamurai/giant bomb realization that is this show prejudice or am I for thinking it is? (M: why can’t both be true?) More objective complaints would be the shortness only twelve episodes ending in a completely anti-climactic series of mini episodes. However it felt best as a short series its jokes starting to wear by the end it and it kind of got depressing at a point just watching Kanako fail again and again, poor girl she needs to give me a call. (M: Thank god your girlfriend doesn’t read these)


she likes tragic things
she likes tragic things

F: tine for the positives and there are plentiful. The show itself down to its core is filled with unique personality everything down to the character to the opening and ending seem to be this one entity that wants to be what it is and not just is to be a “popular anime” something I truly coven in an anime.  The character have a really good feel and are all hilarious, from the maid throwing insults around with zero emotion to the priests with just awesome over thinking leaps in logic or my possibly favorite character the truly scare little cat girl that runs the dorms with an iron fist proclaiming herself good. Everything about this show is colorful the opening and ending are great to watch whether of not you like the song, the ending especially for its 8-bit nes art style that makes the little gamer girl in my heart squeal  like it’s Christmas. The show makes about a billion just small references to other things just for anyone to pick up n. my Favorite being that the only game system the dorm leader allows is the virtual boy, because “I like things with a tragic past.”  The jokes hit really well especially at the beginning making me even clap at a few parts its great I swear though towards the end it started to level off (except for the priest).  Another bonus is if you watch the entire ending which is different every time so that’s always a fu one to watch they have a final joke before a 30 second skit of a fake commercial that’s always great.

The final notes are simple the character and feel makes the show one of a kind even if you don’t like it and if you can handle a little gender bending and lesbianism it’s worth it. A show being what it wants to be gets this my first formally reviewed anime a 4 schools I would kill to go to out of 5.

M: as editor I felt the need to add a bit of my own jokes and added a few better description words. I’m proud to show off her first real review and last things last this is M reminding you     


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