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Though I'm out of the reviewing scene for a bit, just going to say Madoka Magica:rebellion get's a fuckng perfect out of 10. Too good, I quit, I've been bested. LATER XD
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Deadman Wonderland Vol. 10 JPN (May 2011)
Deadman Wonderland Vol. 10 JPN (May 2011)

Hello again vice, it is I, M. Once again the Carnival is open lights are on for the second to last showing for quite a bit, Volume 10 of Deadman Wonderland. Thus starts the mangas believed to be last arc. The good stuff; the Arch of the Wretched egg herself.

Volume 10 starts off with the newly freed or transferred members of the cast reentering society or regular prison based on how their retrials went. Crow tries to get a new job, Ganta tries and cope with Shiro being the red man, and the hummingbird enjoying calmer prison, this is all interrupted by the ex warden of Deadman wonderland making a call for all the old Deadman Crew and Scar Chain to form a task force and return to Deadman Wonderland one last time to see the Wretched egg and mockingbird stopped for good and Deadman wonderland to be laid to rest.

This has already begun to be my favorite arc, being that it exclusively deals with the characters I care about, Shiro, Ganta and the Deadman crew, and while the story beats so far have been predictable, it’s been well executed and on occasion actually surprise me. Such as how interestingly they pulled off the Wretched Egg and Gantas first confrontation. For the most part what surprises me is how well this volume is executed seeing as how poorly most of the execution has been. It seems focused and serious without relying on silly side characters for confrontation.

The problem is that so far it’s not that striking. It’s competent, hell, its damn right good, but it’s not like it’s in any way awe inspiring. It’s a difficult complaint to have and address, but it remains accurate, despite having all the parts right this time it still doesn’t manage to be as engaging as its more perfected brethren of the genre.

So far though this arc is turning out well thought out and cutting out much of the crap in Deadman Wonderland. Finally settling on serious over ridiculous. Hopefully it keeps to that as it moves on with this story, and while I’m not going to increases its score, Deadman Wonderland Volume 10 is my favorite one so far, earning a 4 flesh boxes out of 5. That’s all for today vice, next time, the carnival comes for the last time. Hope to catch you there. This is M, signing out.

Welcome home Woodpecker
Welcome home Woodpecker
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