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Though I'm out of the reviewing scene for a bit, just going to say Madoka Magica:rebellion get's a fuckng perfect out of 10. Too good, I quit, I've been bested. LATER XD
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F: this review ladies and gentleman goes to the anime Sasameki Koto however before I start my review I want to thank everyone on the forums that help me search for a new show particularly Doc Huas for his awesome chart of wonderment. Oh and John if your reading this I promise I’ll watch Utena I just needed to watch something real quick before my copy of Heavy rain gets in and sucks away at all my social life.  

The crew
The crew

Anyways getting to the actual review the setting is actually kind of original because of its grounded realism. It surrounds a co-ed school and the lives of two girls who are best friends, Tazama a out and proud adorable lesbian with a taste for cute girls and Sumi a not so out and proud, but still a lesbian with a big crush on Tazama. However Sumi is a strong bad ass karate using tall girl with a mean serious strike not exactly Tazama’s M.O. plus with societies pressures that’s another added reason she’s still in the closet, poor girl. The show has a big theme of being slowly paced and meticulous with how it moves like real life even the opening is really indicative of the slowness of the series.

Ahh the negatives always the part I hate writing. Well patently the negatives are mostly just the lack of sticking to the theme of the show and its good parts. It has a habit of straying from what makes it feel really nice and fluid going with  more common anime practices that are not very good. I feel that I should say it here and now stop switching up parts of languages I don’t like hearing some English in Japanese subs its poorly pronounced (I’m a foreigner and even I know that) and feels really forced. I’m not talking about Japanese words that sound like their English counterpart I’m talking about full on parts of sentences when people get really excited. Okay when one of the characters said “oh Jesus” in a flat pan voice right before the rollercoaster started was pretty good anyways back to what I’m saying; I like it best when anime feels uncompromised and its own thing even if I don’t really injoy it, but when and anime just tries to match its competitors it breaks the literary illusion and makes it all feel fake. My other complaint is mostly a terrible ending because they wanted to leave I open for a new season that I know they will never make. Ah the ending is so anti-climatic it hurts like badly.

Aside from those blemishes when it sticks to the theme it’s really good. The first episode is really really great and rips are your heart oh to love a girl and they not love you back god it’s a terrible feeling. A really good thing they do especially when it’s like an important episode is focus on really great expressions on the characters over giving you monologue after monologue to explain how this person feels you just read it off their face using context clues over flash backs and expressions over words makes everything feel more realistic where we don’t have the magical power to read minds. However this skill is more or less squandered on non story important episodes where they favor monologues giving me the feeling there is a lot of filler I’m not noticing since I had dent read the manga. The art is very simplistic and not at all stylized, but I think that’s mostly on perpose to make it feel more like the real world over a magical anime world of goodness. I’m also glad that it doesn’t fall into the yuri trap of being super fantasy like where every one is a lesbian and no one acts weird out and everything is fine because honestly that feels really fake I mean I wish personally the world was more like that, but its not and this show knows it. For example they have an episode where they use a very funny poor kid that’s makes a cute cross dresser to hunt for lesbians to join the school however towards the end it would seem as if there was only five gay girls in the entire school which is less then mine! Not to say they won’t be crazy sometimes when its funny from exploding kitchens and stuff, but it defiantly feels more grounded then fantastical.

Oh just as a note but it’s not review relevant this show kind of crept me out I mean the main two characters are (if Tazama was the main character and liked tomboys) an almost like direct translation of my friendship before we started dating. My girlfriend also is crazy tall also a black belt also acts like a boy, also wears glasses (though uses contacts more) and on my side I also am such a girly girl also kind of ditz and also an out of proud girl that has a brother who is a writer whom uses lesbian characters (he started just making me short stories of weird adventures about me in middle school because of how lonely I was and actually got them published by accident crazy.). It really was kind of creepy.

Aside from all that I really enjoyed the whole experience even if it was short a great more realistic story of love that is somewhat touching if not a bit slow earning 3.5 broken Printers Out of 5     

What does the Yuri goggles say?.....THEIR LESBIANISM IS OVER 9000!!!
What does the Yuri goggles say?.....THEIR LESBIANISM IS OVER 9000!!!


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